Something really weird happened today...(help?)

Today I decided to take a walk around a particular area with lots of trees, flowers, and stuff. I’ve never taken a walk there before, so I thought it’d be a nice change of pace.

I was drawn to a specific spot, which was quite beautiful, despite the bird corpse and some other stuff lying about on the ground.

I chilled there for a few minutes, and then something happened.

I felt serenity unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. No meditation I performed can top this feeling.

But, more important than that, at the same time I felt as though I knew everything, and could do anything.

I truly, and utterly felt like…a god? I don’t know how to put it to words, but I remember having thought processes such as:

“I don’t need any entity in my life,” “Everything’s so clear,” and “As I look at nature, I realize there are no gods, demons, or anything above me,”

It didn’t last long, but it was such a weird experience, I don’t know what to make out of it. To make it even stranger, I tried to perform an evocation when the shit stopped, no spirit answered the call. I think everything’s fine now, though.

WTF was that, BALG forum?


Presence. You were fully in the now.

I feel that after tai chi, good kung fu training session where I’m really tired/exhausted but feel like I can do anything.
Also after volunteering just felt soo good helping out that I was treating everyone better more playful, instead of being caught up in day to day shit seeing other people’s problems make yours seem irrelevant non existent so the negative thoughts and anxietys are gone and the good remains.


I’m not sure if I want to feel that again. I was contemplating some strange things, and I felt overall weird.


Read the power of now Ekhart tolle
It’s actually amazing when you get deeper into it


I’ve had similar experiences in nature before. That’s why I like nature magic, NeoPaganism and traditional witchcraft so much, actually. It puts the individual in a place that is both humbling (serenity al max) and empowering (I am divine) by placing them in the spiritual emotions within reality. Even though they don’t claim to be LHP, they can easily be incorporated into LHP workings. I often tell people that I’m a Pagan because of this, actually.


A glimpse of your true power.

Love 'em. :grin:


Just what you would expect when coming to a place like Balg. You are a God in your own right. Go with it.


Will do, thanks for the recommendation.

I might just explore nature magic more. Hopefully, it won’t hinder my other workings, like this experience hindered my evocation briefly, although it might be because of something else.

A very small glimpse, but a glimpse nonetheless. Still, I do wonder why I couldn’t perform a proper evocation few minutes after the whole thing (It’s all good now, though). Maybe there were some other factors involved or something.

Thank you for the powerful words. :slight_smile:


It’s earth energy and/or spirits, I feel it all the the time. You should return to the spot and question it. Ask what it wants. It’s an opening to higher level spiritual forces. best of luck with your journey. :slight_smile:


Thank you.

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