Something powerful and fast

Regards dear friends,

I have a very big financial problem. Unfortunately, I’ve tried to summon trough meditation and invocation the last couple of months ancient god Clauneck but without success. I have very little free time (when I’m completely alone) because unfortunately I have problems with my family around me, they do not want to accept my different opinions and attitudes considering invocation, meditation etc… So I need your help, do any of you know some sort of fast spell or fast invocation to gain money fast and quick. Because I want as soon as possible and as quickly as possible to move away from them and start my life, and I have a lot of debts and I can not find a good job.
Thank you in advance for any kind of help

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Try this spell, change the desired intention to whatever you want :

And this one will also work well :

For both spells, draw a Sigil if you can’t use a candle. Repeat it daily at the end of each day, midnight would be great. Or once a week, or around new or full moon each month until you reach your goal. Good luck :+1:


If u need money u can try a sigil I made. It’s rly powerful. My most powerful one. It’s worked for both me and a few other ppl. If u want to pm me. It’s a little different from other sigils in that the way to power it for yourself is to bleed on it. It gives me and my Guardian demon some power and in turn makes the sigil even more powerful. Meaning it will work even quicker for u. So pm me if u want me to send u the sigil

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Thanks and I appreciate for helping me, I try and do my best with sigil to reach my goal. Thanks once again.

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First I want to thank you for your help, also I want to try it with you sigil I must succeed, I have strong desire and I have to go from the chaos in which I live. Please send me this sigil and tell me what to do. Thank you in advance

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I am grateful for help and advice once more, I have one question as to whether I can combine sigil and candle and also what sigil can I use (make my one sigil or use some sigil/ solomon seal) I’m very grateful for helping

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Alright pm me so I can remember

Glad to help anytime thank you.

Yes you can combine a sigil and a candle, but when you’re doing the spell you’ll have to choose one to concentrate on when you’re meditating on your desired end result. You can use a sigil you make for what you want, or a sigil for the spirit you decide to work with, both will work. Wish you all the best :+1:


pass me the stealth please

They’re banned for now, so they’re not gonna respond.

However, @Djordje_Mijic, did this ever work out for you? Would you say that sigil is as effective as they made it out to be?

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Hello and greetings.

I’m sorry to respond to this message so late, I’ve had so many problems and still have them. I tried this sigil and it didn’t work at all, i just ran into even more problems and troubles. I have a steel will and I fight all the time, I am always positive and I hope for the better. But their sigil for help is not helping at all.

I’m very grateful for your interest in whether or not it is sigil helpful and I hope some sigil someday will be helpful for me. I also want to tattoo sigil on my chest, because I read that sigil can connect with my life energy and help me.

All in all I fight and I expect better times :slight_smile:


I’m sorry to hear that things didn’t work out for you, but welcome back and I hope you’re able to find a way to make it better soon. Don’t give up! There’s always more to try if something doesn’t work :relaxed:

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Where there is a will there are ways. As long as I fight, I will have the strength and the hope that it will be better. Whenever I fall, I get up and strive to be even stronger and more prepared for whatever comes my way. I’m glad to find friends, like-minded people and counselors on this site. You all give me the strength to move on.

I wish you all the best :smile: :muscle::muscle:

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