Something odd I noticed


So yeah I’ve been doing some astral travel for awhile and only recently have tried traveling to the mental plane. Now here’s something odd, certain entities I work with in scrying usually don’t show up on the astral even when I called for them, but when I went to the mental plane they were there beside me. Any idea why this is?


I might be wrong, but it could be due to the fact that in the mental plane your perpections are heightened, thus allowing you to make contact with the entity. When you scry do you notice or feel something, anything at all that might hint that the entity is there? Because most cases the entity do show up, but the pratictioner is not able to perceive. What do you think?


Usually I see them as afterimages in the mirror, sort of like when you look away from a light and then see an afterimage, sometimes I get something more detailed though and also sometimes I hear them say stuff in my head. I’ve been getting better at hearing them lately which is cool, but Istill need some practice as it’s not there 100% yet. But yeah I think I’ll be taking more trips to the mental plane so hopefully I;ll be able to make some more contact there. I’m also going to try going to the plain above it in the near future.


But these afterimages happen when you are in a ‘normal’ state? Have you tried doing some meditation, clearing your head, and then focusing on these entities? I have found that a lot of times I feel there is someone or something close to me, with a light meditation I am able to perceive clearly and even communicate some times.


Well yeah I do a meditation before scrying, also lately I have been putting open door water on my third eye and throat chakra which has helped a bit.


Once you make contact with any intelligence, that contact endures, from the absence of a beginning to the oblivion of an ending. Turning your attention to that intelligence or embodiment establishes that connection. You may have noticed that whilst the astral plane is pretty busy and bustling, the mental plane is usually quite peaceful, and mind is functioning without having to translate information through organs or chakras or any thing at all, but mind seeing mind realizing intelligence.


When I read this, something in my core literally THRUMMED , I’m not kidding. Shall take this to Heart & ponder deeply. Thank you. Z


I like what you say about them always having been with you. Funny thing is several months before I even heard of them, the two of them partially materialized in my bathroom.