Something is forcing its way into my mind

some sort of entity is trying to enter my mind

i hear voices claiming i am its child plz help

Force your way into it’s mind as payback

Actually don’t do that, but what you should do is try to communicate with the entity, see why it claims you as it’s child.

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it is very powerful and i cannot establish communication

My I ask why?

it just seems to ignore me

it has a strange energy like i have never felt before

try meditation excersises for the 3rd eye and spirit telepathy.

you sure it’s ignoring you? entities far enough removed from the human experience may have difficulty communicating in the conventional human methods. I find (especially when dealing with Old Ones or Outer Gods) communication comes easier if you let go of word, and speech based thinking, and rely on more of a full sensory mode of thinking, images, impressions, feelings, entire scenarios, these are all vital in discerning the actual meaning.

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im trying to do so but images of fire keep entering my mind and i feel as if i could punch a hole in the moon

You tend to be a bit defensive, don’t you? Not necessarily in action, but in mentality. Sounds like you’ve been imbued with energy, tell me, how did you come in to contact with this entity? Did you do like I did, and call out to all of space, or were you trying to contact something in specific?

i was trying to contact any entity i could

To put all of this in context use search find the intro thread and tell us about yourself, it’s part of the rules…
Otherwise no one has a clue who you are or what you’ve been doing and we are playing 20 questions.


I don’t think you should attempt to communicate first, this sounds like something trying to get its foot in the door and masking as a child - even if I’m wrong, and I could be because I’m not scrying this or anything, it’s still better to be safe than sorry.

Try the method below, then check your messages, green icon, top right. :+1:

Also, are you just here for help with this, or are you a practicing or aspiring magician?


Ask it’s name. If you can hear it already then it can convey the info. If it refuses or jukes you it could be astral. Get rid of it however you have to would be my suggestion in that case. That is part of the deal when you call on spirits but don’t name one specifically, btw.

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