Something interesting has been happening

Hey guys,

Ok, so Ive been working with Sitri in my relationships department, its been a long term goal.

Now, prior of working with him, I tried a lot of love spells just to see their effectiveness and they completely sucked, I tried candle magick, no exactly as EA describes it, but a variation and nothing.

Anyways, there were two girls, probably more, but two girls that I really liked, now I havent been using Sitri exactly for them, Ive been using him more for his powers.

The thing is that I encounter this two women. Which is like a very rare thing to happen especially in the metros.

One that I really liked I encountered her in the Metro last Saturday, and I talked to her and she behaved very fucking weird, and I said mmmm ok, that sucks but I moved on.

And the other one I really liked, I saw her in the Metro last time completely random and I spoke to her, she behaved nicely and nothing happened and I moved on.

And I encountered her again in a mall today that has nothing to do with the Metro, that is like really hard for her and I to see each other. But the thing is she behaved like a royal bitch, she tried to ignore me.

And on top of that I encountered a girl exactly like my ex girlfriend at a club yesterday.

So I am really astonished for the fact that I am encountering the girls that I really liked all of a sudden left and right in the most odd places, now the shitty thing is that they are behaving like bitches.

Can someone explain me why is this happening? Both the encountering and their behavior?

Thank you!

Be persistent. This is not just the spirit working, but it’s also psychology. Sitri may be bringing them to you, but that doesn’t mean that Sitri will make them strip for you. Make innuendo and suggest various sexual acts.

[quote=“H8, post:1, topic:1543”]Hey guys,

Ok, so Ive been working with Sitri in my relationships department, its been a long term goal.

Now, prior of working with him, I tried a lot of love spells just to see their effectiveness and they completely sucked,[/quote]

I think the reason you’re seeing these kinds of results is because you’re experimenting and this seems to be the theme of the working anyway. So my perception of this suggests that sitri is allowing you to experiment with different women to allow you to see what traits you desire and what ones you don’t before you move further in your experiment.

Now, prior of working with him, [b]I tried a lot of love spells just to see their effectiveness [/b]and they completely sucked, I tried candle magick, no exactly as EA describes it, but a variation and nothing.

This very well could be the problem. As Kitari mentioned your experimenting, there’s nothing wrong with that but if you go into the ritual with the mindset that this is just an experiment that will give you less than stellar results.

Go into every operation with complete confidence that this will work and that your will can’t be denied, when you go into ritual remember that what you want is already on its way and that this is the final step to get what you want. You no longer need to want for your results because you have them in the ritual and they will begin to manifest physically when you leave the temple.

I agree wandering fool. But the reason I didn’t put it that way was because I felt like sitri picked up on the experiment feel and is giving him just that. It could be a learning experience for him but if he’s looking for more solid results then it would be good to step it up and go for a solid goal.

another angle on what TWF and Kitari wrote, rather than experimenting being a sign of not-focused or attached to results, lacking Confidence

(as to me the "certainty" issue is like going to turn on a light switch, or get water from a faucet... one is certain it is going to work just as part of one's Enviro- not Communicating I believe it.. and if it doesn't come on, the first thought is: Is the Power out? or Is the water off, or perhaps a Pumbling/Wiring issue.. vs the first thought being: ugh spell not working.     -other systems and Law of Attaching (LoA, vs Loa, or BoA :) seem to give the fake it till you make it, but that is like being in a Broken House and Believe the Lights will come on while you flick the switch- if no electricity flowing in the Property, and the bulb is broken/burned out-  how could one's state..   its more of an Integration and Fdbk with the Enviro...  

But I see that related to this, as what was the Felt-sense of the Requested (rather than the “words” of a Request or a Charge, I think it is clearer to think of what Energy was added to the situation)- thus if the Energy added was “an exploration of different types of relations” -with some example Individuals and a Sense of Opening of Possibilities…

those 3 combine would make sense (as the above 2 commenters mention) why seems on&off and yet is testing-sampling (like going to a Buffet- allowing to try different things, vs being locked down)…

if one injected the Energy of a particularResult that seems not to happen… well, trying to Reconnect and de-encrypt what that Energy added to your Sit was (and how it relates to the Affect)- both in the prior Working (if remember), but also active upon you currently (as a result of that prior Working).

so not to conflict but augment above comments (and a few other threads seem to all be asking-raising similar question-viewpt by a number of people… interesting)

 Edit: I see as I wrote the above Kitari added further.. and the issue of What one meant as the goal, vs What the Actual Goal requested, and Thirdly- what one is Seeking (ie a better means to an end than what seemed obvkous, as in "If I only knew then what I know now..." kind of thing.     < < also to further the confidence thing- the relevance to being Certain, is both in terms of Clarity as certainty could be from having pondered and choosen.. but further, the light switch ex above.. if one is certain the power is out one is not likely to get up and go over and turn it on, while if certain that XYZ would work it becomes part of your sense of how things work.   (Fingertip feel, the sense of a Crafter thru their tools, or a Musician thru their Instrument- one knows what is Avail per what one skills are capable of..  Morphic Resonance Field ala Sheldrake, 6thdim Shape of Possibilities, per that "Viz the 10dim" guy on YouTube- just as Context :)

Kitari, I don’t doubt that its a possibility that’s what’s going on. I was just going by my own experience. Anytime I said to myself “I’ll try this and see what happens, worst case scenario is nothing happens” nothing is what I got. When I put together a spell or ritual Insay to myself " This will work based on these principles", I know these principles work so the doubt isn’t there.

Like Taokua elaborated on the fake it till you make it approach which has never worked for me because in the back of my mind I’m thinking that I’m faking it.

I’ve been running into something lately and when Incan put all my thoughts together I’ll post a thread about it, but it seems sometimes the more we understand the principles of magick the more we take the “magick” out of the ritual. Like knowing certain things cause a psychological effect sort of takes the magick out of the results. Results are great it just doesn’t feel as powerful and can detract from the immersion of the operation.

May or may not be relevant, but are you working for love or lust? I think it’s important to make the distinction not only for the same of being specific in the ritual but also to be sure within yourself what you actually want. That way you will actually know if you are manifesting the desire you want and also can prevent back fire (nothing worse than some clingy chick hanging around when all you wanted was a bit of sex)

Underneath my Black Tau robe I always wear my " im the boss" T-Shirt. It always peps me up for a serious ritual. Now what would be very creepy would be a summoned demon wearing the same T-Shirt, then I would worry.

Once again we find ourselves in agreement. Fake it til you make it was something I was told a lot back in my chaos magick days and I never got it to work for me. You can’t fake something that’s supposed to be real. You can’t fake your desires because those are important and you can’t fake the ritual because you’ll know it’s a sham. What it came down to for me if I wasn’t certain it was going to work I’d break out the ever trusted tarot deck or sit in meditation and review my situation as objectively as possible. I’d start with my desire and really get to know it inside and out. I’d ask questions to myself about how I really felt about what I was doing and what it was that I was looking for. I’d take a look at my life and see where it is truly lacking and why I’m not satisfied with it. Sometimes especially when trying to do magick involving love and sex we’ve got a lot of our ego getting involved and what we might be looking for isn’t love or sex at all but possibly other things that we associate with love and sex such as security, or fulfillment of the ego and a sense of control over something. I have forgone rituals of lust in the past because I realized it wasn’t my genitalia that was needing satisfied but it was indeed my own self esteem or I had a lot of concerns on my mind and I wanted to grasp hold of my life and I mistranslated my own want as wanting to grasp hold of a warm body. And like a craftsman who finally knows how his masterpiece should look I’d start looking at the tools I needed to get the job done. I’d search endlessly, doing divination, and reading books, and talking to spirits until I found the right way to go about getting what I really wanted so I didn’t have to fake a thing when I stepped into that temple because I had laid out my destiny in the preparation stage and the only thing standing between me and my goal was a ten minute ritual.

That my friends is the law of certainty at work.

Hey guys,

Thank you for the awesome feedback.

I am getting something here that I dont know if I am going about things right, especially after the last part that Kitari explained.

Right now the spirits that I have been working on when I do my rituals, they are not trying to give me everything on a silver platter, let me be more clear, they are bringing me a lot of opportunities, but they said they are doing their job, but I have to do and be confident on the other side that the materialization of the goal can collapse and manifest.

So rather than them giving me all the powers, they are guiding me and telling me that there are things I have to let go of in order for me to get what I want.

Now my question is you guys talk about going to the temple and doing the ritual like a end all or final step. And for me it has been more of a journey of guidance of their part… Its like having coaches for giving me clarity on what I need to do so that I can get what I want.

So I feel that I am doings things differently, because you guys come to the jugular to the ritual and I come to the ritual and get confronted, challenged and guided.

I am doing things right?

Thank you!

There’s nothing wrong with going for guidance. That makes your circumstances much easier to understand. I made the assumption (I know, I know) that your ritual was for a particular result to occur instead of guidance.

Learning from a spirit is IMO highly under discussed and appreciated. Often we focus on getting things we want and exercising some sense of power instead of letting go of our notions and being taught something that can empower us.

Keep us posted with your progress.

Yes from my stand point you’re doing fine. The only bit of advice I can think to give you when working with spirits is instead of commanding them to give you what you want collaborate with them on a plan to get it. They most often see the bigger picture and what needs to be done to get there. Here are some of the things I go over with spirits when I speak with them.

First I state my desire.

  1. Can you help me achieve this goal?
  2. What can I do to make it happen and get the best outcome possible?
  3. Will you grant me the advantage of your power, knowledge, and influence in this endeavor?

If the first question is yes I’ll proceed to question 2. If not I’ll thank the spirit for its time and find another one that can help me.

Always take notes with question 2. Likely the spirit will give a lot of great advice if not step by step directions and sometimes even what I like to call “mini rituals” to guide you towards your goal.

Question 3 ensures that the spirit will be dedicated to seeing this thing through with you to the very end.

If along the way you have any doubts or hit any snags along the way just call the spirit up and ask why things are going this way. You two are allies in this and need to keep a line of communication going in order for things to go smoothly.

I can’t think of anything else at the moment that might help but those 3 questions are usually pretty good at ensuring that you and the spirit are on the same page so you don’t feel like you’re stumbling in a 3 legged race.

Hope it helps.

Hey guys,

@ -TWF- You were actually right I did came to the spirits for a particular result. But I think my result was vague and now they are forcing not only to get clarity on what I want but grow into the person that is aligned with the things I want. You see I thought this was like magic like I want this and now it will happen. But it was more like ok I want this and they said great, you first need to do this if you want to get that. This is where my doubt and my question started. Because I came here for one thing and instead I got another thing. So this is what I asked am I doing things right. Because I was supposed to get the thing I asked for but they are making me work hard to attain it.

@Kitari - Yes, first I had a dialogue with each one of them asking them not the your questions in a particular order but yes in a general idea the same line of questioning and they said absolutely, and so far they have been great to me. The have been great coaches and mentors and they always give me pinpoint exercises and situations so that then I can come back again to them and we discuss the situation and they start asking me what did I learn about the situation and we go from there, so yeah I would’ve rather just get the results I wanted but instead they are making sure I understand where the results I want are coming from.

Then I have nothing more to add here. You’re doing great. Anything worth having is worth earning. You’re asking them to teach you how to use certain powers and they’re turning you into a guy that can use those powers.

Whether it’s a rocket scientist or a powerful sorcerer nobody starts at the end. We all have to change and grow into the roles we seek in life.

Best of luck to ya man, :slight_smile:


H8 if you get the chance read the thread about binding I think it will help you on some of the issues your having.

Perhaps you have some internal conflict that’s preventing you from getting exactly what you want and the steps the spirit provides helps resolve this.

Other than that I agree with Kitari, sounds like your doing fine, enjoy the ride and take it at your own pace.

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