Something I was told and the forum was the quickest place to type it. I hope it helps someone else

Less ye, lose all abillity drink from the waters of life spiritually and physiclly this is where the christian translation is wrong the waters of life is simply, life itself.

Come out of your shells and remember who you are and once where enjoy life as it is do not simply focus on magic or its affiliates remember the earth and all the wonders it has to offer come out of the shell you created.

experience life at its fullest face your fears learn your strengths and weakness’s live in the moment.


Very inspiring!

Thank you I needed to hear that

I think this will resonate with many. Thanks

Reminds me of something that EA koetting said:

I care not if you use your power to heal or to hurt, I only care that you use it.


I needed that. Related to something I’m doing.