Something big is about to happen, and I might need help

I can’t go into detail, so I’ll say this: I’ve found that the personifications that started the Black Plague are alive, now. In greek mythology they are the children of nyx, but they are the children of Baphomet. Their power combined is amazing. I recently have turned 10,000 storm spirits to look to me as their commander. Yahweh, the demiurge, or whatever you want to call him, is planning something big, and we need to stop him. Reply here, and I’ll send you my contact info.


Artemis sends her regards.
Most of the fallen angels with whom I’ve spoken want to assist.

How the hell did you do that


Force. I went outside, made an offer of fighting for peace, freedom, community, safety, and equality, then defeated a couple of opposers, and they took the offer.


Yeah I’ve been monitoring this with some interest actually.

This is from 4 days ago:

Interested in anything you care to share on, or offlist, from your own work?


Perhaps from my own work for those willing to learn about it, but on the note of the spirits, I can be certain that these personifications have a physical form. I know them personally, and there’s no denying their power.

I’m related to one. They attached to human spirits, essentially a pre-birth posession. I guess they weren’t wrong when they talked about giving birth to demons, lol.