Someone wants me not to develop

Someone or something deliberately breaks my life and forces me not to go beyond what is permitted. For a long time I did not believe in this and explained everything, saying that I was doing it inaccurately or I was trying badly. But leafing through the diary over the past year, I noticed frequent coincidences. When I start doing something or change my life for the better. An event occurs in my life that disrupts my plans or worsens my life. As if some force does not want this, and I am back in my place. It got to the point that sometimes I doubt that I really need something in life, but I understand that someone makes me believe it. I asked a close durga who has been practicing magic for a long time, and he confirmed this. Where to start looking and find out who prevents me from following the chosen path and breaks my life?

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Could be the false light angels

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Then unbind yourself from whatever is stopping you. The only person who has complete control over your life is you - unless you give that power away.


Divination is the first thing you need. Know there the rat is then you know where to direct your sword. Don’t just go working against the forces behind you blindly, you’ll be a funny prey in their eyes.

I would recommend you use Figure 22 of Solomon Pentacle. Have it on a clean paper, make it into a seal with two to three colors. Perfume it.

To use it, hold it in your hands and speak to it: I want to know exactly what is happening in my life, why am I not going forward?

Put the seal under your pillow. It will be revealed to you through dreams what is happening in your life and at times you’ll be given the solution to it.

That’s it for me.


I really like your use of the Solomonic pentacles. :metal:


Do not consider me ignorant, but this is the first time I hear of Solomon’s pentacles. could you give me literature, where did you get it from? And I tried to find it through search and under 22 different seals. Can you show me what she looks like?


Check here…

Also, search on Google Greater Key of Solomon pdf download. The Pentacles are found there. Or drop your email, let me send you a PDF that contains only the pentacles, because the Greater Key of Solomon is in 3 forms: Book 1, Book 2, the book 3 consists the pentacles.


Thank you very much, can you write to me yourself? I am a beginner and I do not have such an opportunity to write private messages yet

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Ok, I will.

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