Someone tried to reach me

This morning while I was still half way unconscious I heard someone say “hello…” they said my name. I don’t know who it was, but it makes me believe it something reaching out trying to offer their help in issues I have right now. How do I go about finding out who or what it was?

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You said that you was half way unconscious. So, this is probably was just lucid dream. You can search for some articles about it and/or some articles about false awakening and sleep paralysis. Usually this happening before sleep or in the middle of the night. But morning is fine too. Also you can search Michael Raduga/Rainbow books. He considering morning half-awake state as perfect for practice of lucid-dreaming, whis is realy cool tool both for practical/relax purposes as well as magical ones.

Answering the question “who was it” - more probably this is was your subconscioness. Was it some warning or was it message from some entity transferred throug you brain? Who knows?

I wasn’t dreaming but I woke up after I heard it. It was a male voice. It didnt sound like a warning tone or anything. It sounds as someone who had something to say and wanted to tel me something, but I woke up.

This is fine for intermediate state between dream and reality. It happens when you are some kind of fluctuating between dreaming and being awake. This was sort of “micro-dream”, but your consciosness were awake. If not practicing lucid dreaming on purpose, usually this happens in form of voices/phrases/sounds. Sometime you can see some pictures. Sometime you can feel like falling down from height. I can remember some same cases, happend to me. One happend when i was practicing lucid dreaming - it was vision of flower. Once it was voices. And concentration to this sounds/feelings/pictures can lead you to the lucid dream.
This is like dreams infiltrating reality, which is only possible when you are half-awake.

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It’s your inner child because you’ve gotten lazy taking care of yourself. =o) just kidding. maybe true or not. Only you know.


Hello Victor, please take some time and follow the instructions bellow

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Not a concept I had thought about. Thanks. Gonna see if anything happens or changes.

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Did anything strange happen before or after that? I feel that such events (assuming there was any) may indicate who or what spoke to you.

No nothing happened before. After I woke up, fully and looked around.

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@ParanormalCutie In that case, maybe you should consult a psychic? Chances are that whatever spoke to you may be lingering around you and the psychic can identify it.

You just made me realize something. It could be someone trying to send a message. It’s happened before and I had to talk to someone to find out who and what they wanted. I tend to be a magnet for spirits and an empath so it could fall into that.
Thanks! Think I know one I can talk into looking into who and what

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You’re very welcome. Good luck, my friend. :slight_smile:

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