Someone playing tricks?

So, I’m just getting back into practicing astral travel. In the past, I’ve never been able to do it. I only get to the stage where I feel like I’m floating, almost disconnected and my body is completely humming with energy. Last night while cooking dinner I was listening to Lucifers Enn and coincidentally found this forum, and something inside me just clicked. I had to try again. So I set myself up for astral and was listening to some YouTube meditation videos. I got to the point where I could move my astral hand around and the YouTube video suddenly paused at 35:05. Pulling me out of my trance. So again I played a different video… and again stopped at 35:05. This happened 3 times. On the second pause, I felt like someone was playing a trick on me… like someone was giggling, so naturally I smiled and giggled myself. I had a feeling it might have been Lucifer, since I was calling out to him. Also I watch a lot of videos over an hour on YouTube (set up so I don’t even touch my phone) and this never happens.

After that I gave up and got up to watch TV. The whole time, my body was tingling all over, like I was cold, but without the cold element. I went to bed with this feeling continuing and suddenly I felt waves of this sensation wash over my body.

Do you think that I’m starting to progress a bit? Or am I just imagining things? Do you think it was someone messing with me? :joy::joy: 3505… does it have any meaning?

also sorry if this is in the wrong forum, I was unsure which one to post it in

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This definitely seems like progress, I never had such things happen to me a year or two back when I first started out. Good job.