Someone Near Andras?

So I’m trying to work with Andras on a question, I did a ritual and I let him far nothing, this silence means he did not accept it or it could be something else.he has not yet said what he wants .

You mean this Andras?

Yeah, he’s not much of a talker he’s more of a doer and what he wants generally is for the summoner to give him the name of a target so he can begin ripping it apart. He’s one of the more malevolent entities in the Goetia because he specialises in nothing but pure destruction.

You want a conversation with a spirit? Call up Vassago. You want to see the world in flames? Call up Andras.


Message me. I’ll ask him for you.


I work with Andras very often and i noticed that he caused a blood massacre in my old city. Death reports everyday. He is a pure Destroyer and go in the psyche of your targets or near persons of you and cause depressions. You have to controll him or he will mess your friends etc up. He is a good dark spirit to send him to your most hated person. His Results are immediately to notice on the same day.


@DarkSeymour last year i tried to work with him to eliminate a target,but i did something wrong,because the target was not eliminated,i don’t know if i should try again.

What was wrong? You have to send him. Say his name and say accurate that he should go to ,Name". Don’t let him stay around you


That easy? No need for a ritual?

Iam just starting to work with him but it is not of my doing he has been sent to me through asmoday and satan and learning what he likes and dont like understanding his ways and his nature it is taking some time for him to tell me what he want so i go into my meditation mood once i do that then andras puts me into a trance like state then he will open up and talk with me

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