Someone is touching me and I can't see them

I hope I’m not crazy but every time I’m alone or about to sleep someone is touching me (head, back, legs, hands etc wherever he feels like it) and I’m a girl. Like right now he is touching my foot. I just shuss it away.

Months ago my mom saw a shadow walking towards me and wakes me up.

Can someone help me please. Since I started practicing it became more intense.

I bath myself with salt yesterday to do some cleansing.

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So, did you work with any spirits?

Touching you ?

That’s thing when it comes to practicing rituals, spirits tend to be attracted to you. Maybe they want relationship, if it has malicious intent I suggest to banish them.


This happens to me literally ALL the time. I’m a born witch but I didn’t always really follow my path. When I made the decision to go all in the first thing I noticed was a man was always with me. It was in the most intimate of ways. It took me 6 months to figure out The Who. But it was literally as soon as I made the decision to go into witchcraft he was there. In my case he ended up being my soulmate so I never banished just let the bond get stronger.


Have you spoken to it, as in, out loud if your clairs are still coming around? If you need a moment’s peace or don’t want to be disturbed during other times, like sleep, you may want to state that. Any spirit worth having around should respect it.

I did but I’m very new with magick. This has been occurring before I was even practicing.

Yes I can feel it every time.

How would that be?

sounds like shadow people. Im not sure if they can be banished as they are a complete lack of all energy.

If it dont’ harm you . then you might have a ‘friendly ghost’. Your own ‘Casper’. You folks get all the fun visits. =o) Joking aside. you might want to figure out why? Maybe the entity trying to tell you something by getting your attention?

And if it’s really unwanted. Time to banish.

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how do i do banishing spell

Angelic Protection Magick: Banish Curses, Negative Energy, Evil, Violence, Bad Luck, and Psychic Attack by ben woodcroft.
This book focus strictly on banishment. YOu might want to check it out.

When you get into magic or at least start trying to get in tune with psychic abilities, you become a beackon for spirits to come to. Both to ones that have already been watching over and ones that dont know you. I feel spirits too. Most the time i feel my spirit husband though like when i lay in the bed. Ive felt unfamiliar ones too like when ive dealt with bad spirits.

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