Someone in my family has major attitude

Now I don’t want to curse or hex them that is dumb as hell for one, two it’s my own brother…but he has Some mad attitude all the time…so I just want to know is there a gentle way to make him switch it up cause it pisses me off, I don’t want to harm him in any way cause that’s uncalled for I just want to switch this shit up😅

So I want to hear your opinions…I may ask king paimon as I hear he’s good with swaying minds

Now I can’t do anything myself cause at best I get a big fuck off from him lol or a nice shut the fuck up for no reason when I try to talk to him

Or I’ll get a “too bad I don’t give a fuck do something about it” :joy:

So any ideas on how to gently and calmly shift his attitude around cause again why on earth would u curse your own family member…thanks guys😅 and I put this under spirits cause I hear many different demons that can switch someone’s attitude around without causing harm…king paimon I hear is good for that and I use him to sway minds and thoughts all the time…who and what do you think would be the best and most harmless way to do this😂


Ooooh interesting I’ll definitely check that out I also watched ea’s shameless manipulation but I also wanted to hear your thoughts

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King Paimon might be a bit overkill. But, if that’s what feels right go for it. I’d say if you’re living together maybe don’t bother with this type of magick unless he makes you feel in danger because it could cause some much larger issues between you two down the road (that he might not understand). But if you’re both adults living your lives and he seeks you out to be an asshole (or whatever your definition of “attitude” is), then maybe Dantalion if not King Paimon? Lucifer? If not a spirit, then @QueenMustang has all my support with the link she posted, I was gonna direct you there too.


Now again hurting my brother just cause of this is the last thing I want to do and I feel it’s the most immature thing to do if we are talking about solving things like this magically

Oh yeah I suppose king paimon does seem a bit over kill

  • brother shows simple attitude

-me, calls an ancient powerful demonic king

Yeah I see what you mean lol

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That’s why I suggested the thread about implanting thoughts and emotions.


Oh ok so simple energy manipulation would do then, cause there is no talking to this kid about his bullshit attitude lol

Plus it’s on and off it’s not constant attitude

So I feel something very minor is good for this type of thing lol