Somebody promote me

Can somebody please bump my trust level up to member? If not then how do I get there? Thanks in advance.

You get there by being active on the forum, only staff can change Trust Levels but you need to do some posts, read some posts, it’ll happen pretty soon once you’re active. :+1:


It automatically happens as you are active.

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Thanks guys I been coming here everyday for a while. Not too many post, but I read and am learning alot. I don’t plane on going anywhere so I guess I will be patient and just let it happen.


It took me about 10 days, but I live on this forum… wait I should be meditating, I’ll be back.


Guess what? I just got promoted to Member. I guess it’s just like magick. I stated my intent, put it into the universe, forgat about it and Bam!!! Thanks everybody.


Congrats. And i also received my promotion a few minutes ago. As for the magick progression, umm…uhh… well, at least no1 can expect something in 2 weeks time.

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