Somebody help me

So my little cousins step dad is a real piece of [email protected]$king shit.
this bastard was touching on her and stuff (shes 13)
heres where it gets complicated. if i place the most sinister curse up my sleeve on him which i really want to btw his self loathiing ass will bring down the whole family causing her pain and probably leech off the family. her life has been so fucked up its rediculous. i know very small easy kill spells asn i call them but also if he dies my aunt will return to being a drunken pos and everything falls apart and my lil cousin gets hurt in the process.
my cousin refuses to go to the police cause shes afraid of him and for other reasons she would elaborate on for me. she shells up
idk wtf to do to attack him without them getting hurt man.
its like im damned if i do im damned if i dont.
now i told her his life is in her hands, but then we wind up back at square one hell tear everything down.


and how would i go about healing the mental damage done to her before i showed up?

(i posted this in baneful magick and curses but im trying to get help quick)

Dude, fuck what your cousin refuses to do if he molested that girl and you know about it YOU need to go to the police and tell them that she told you that stuff. If you don’t then you can be charged with a crime if it comes out and you didn’t say anything allowing it to persist.

thats the thing shes so insecure she wouldnt testify or anything (that and im in another state) she flat out told me she’d lie about it cause she is afraid. on top of that her mother knows about it and would defend her husband like wtf. the situation is a lot more fucked up than cannibal corpses song i cum blood

Cast the curse on him. There are so many fixes to so many situations, but you can’t fix stupidity. If they all are defending home they’re retarded and if they don’t feel sympathy for her they’re retarded. Kill him, without mercy or hesitation, and if they get in your way destroy them too.

If you want to heal the trauma evoke archangel Azreal.

Call the cops on his ass!!

Instead of cursing people and spending your time and energy on them like that, I suggest you to evoke Lucifer and ask him for his protection. He is very protective spirit and he will do anything what is needed to protect you and / or your “target”.

Ask him not just for protection but also to help you to find a solution to solve this issue and it will come to you.

To heal wounds from past and to prevent any harm (mostly spiritual/mental harm) in future, to destroy blocks, bad habbits, emotions and similar, evoke Nergal.

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thanks everybody i really needed that advice

Im not disputing what your cousin said at all - but teenage lasses do make things up on occasions for attention.

Evidence - this would lead to prosecutio of course and as such its better in the hands of the police.