Some weirdness that I've been trying to reconcile

So essentially, I’ve been practicing magick for about eight months at the time of this post. I have a success rate of somewhere around 75-80%, and am a bit of an energy vampire. Long story short, my buddy who is a hermetic told me that he thinks I am working with local spirits without knowing it. So I did a simple yes/no reading asking if that was the case, and got an affirmative.

Does anybody have any advice besides the obvious trying to get to know the spirits that have been aiding me this whole time?


… Well, you already have the direct approach of talking to them. You could also try isolating yourself from them to see how much is you and hiw much is them. You could also CHOOSE who helps you, rather than leaving it open


You could also check your towns local history to see if any gods, demon, angels or spirits are famous in Legends ect.


Very, very cool.

Good idea. I found out, using maps and a bit of cartography, some jaw dropping things about some of the areas I have frequented and still do.

Are you in a position to make some kind of contact? 75-80% manifestation rate is awesome for almost anybody, so I would agree that something likes you, even if you did not mean it. Either way, something is going right.


I will look into the local histories and whatnot to see if I can find anything out. Although I feel like it might be something more than just a local spirit.

Eh, I feel like I may have a bit of a way with certain things tbh. I know for a fact that I get better than I deserve sometimes in this stuff, like when I accidentally upset the planetary spirits by channeling their power all the time… They gave me a little nightmare to warn me, and I think that they could have done something much worse.


In Chaos Magic, a local spirit is one that exists in your own self. Could this be what he meant?

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That’s a narrow view of the world that only some chaotes have. When I say local spirits, I literally mean the spirits in the local area around me. External, not internal.


@Anziel_Merkaba Blind Evocation perhaps?

This whole thing was already resolved. Part of it was some working I did, and part of it was the favor of the Moon…

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