Some things I have learned about divination and magic(via stichomancy)

alright I’m going to explain some of the things I’ve learned about divination via stichomancy.

1)divination is more a form of communicating with whatever is in the area rather than manifesting true answers from nothing. I use divination(even tarot) to communicate with whatever is wandering through an area(like when I am at a friends house or at work). I’m starting to wonder if the other side is geographically mapped over the physical plane. you can communicate with different beings even if you only move like 20 or so feet.

2)if you are having completely negative and contradictory readings on something try going over to a friends house to do the reading. you can also go to a church(just use your cell phone) if you want some spirits to communicate that are usually completely benevolent. nursing homes(like the one I work at) tend to have some of their former residents roaming around and I’m guessing the same is true for hospitals.

  1. Not every thing on the astral plane wants to talk to you, but they seem to have no choice in the matter when you use divination. the best way to avoid a lot of confusion is having a yes or no method of doing divination and ask if it’s ok to talk before you pester it with your questions. if it doesn’t want to talk it’s going to get really pissed really fast. most spirits lack the juice to do anything about it, other than some general feeling of anxiety, but I have received minor injuries shortly after doing communicating with something that doesn’t want to talk. usually by some random accident. i actually had one where I slammed my hand in the door, and then hit my elbow on the screen door as I fell. I laughed it off, but the message clear enough.

4)not everything that wants to talk really wants to talk about what you’re asking. sometimes it’s just better to wait until you find a couple good spirits rather than just trying to gleam information from them.

5)Almost all spirits regardless of their status can answer most questions information seems to flow more freely on their side which brings me to my next post.

6)all spirits are naturally telepathic, most of the time I just ask the question mentally and still get a clear and coherent answer to the question. if you ask your question out loud usually, switch to just asking them in your mind, and more than likely it will be just as relevant to the question.

  1. the best practice for divination is A) do it during evocation or B)leave offerings after divination is done(a practice I’m trying to get into) so long as the information was relevant and accurate. this will make them more likely to actually want to help you(even the ones that have told you to fuck off before). after all, everyone likes to eat.
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That’s interesting, did you have the core of this belief that divination is communication when you tested this out?

I’m asking because I think that what we believe affects what we “tune into” and my model of divination that I’ve had for a long time is one of a fractal universe, in which each small part carries the whole, so anything capable of mimicking larger forces (Tarot, pendumum, I Ching etc.) is plugged into the whole and not a spirit passing by, in fact I screen for that.

My belief’s described in the Kybalion, which I only like so much because it matches my experiences, that “All is Mind” so there’s no part of the universe that isn’t connected to every other in some subtle way.

You’re evidently getting good results so I wonder whether, as with some other things, the underlying belief of the operator isn’t what determines where the answewrs comes from?

Either way that’s a fascinating post, thank you - do you have any plans to find a spirit to bind for this purpose, or anything like that? :slight_smile:

To the first question no I didn’t. Using stichomancy made it painfully obvious though over time. I used to do divination all the time and it would go from having a respectful conversation to something along the lines of “we’re going to murder you” as I walked around the campus I was at(using a cell phone). this is more along the lines of something I pieced together from using it over time. I used to look at magic from more of a Jungian psychological model though over time I gradually started looking at magic more like an undiscovered country(pun intended).

and to the 2nd question yes I do. I’m just trying to find the right one. I thought about creating my own but found out this would be a bad approach to take, at least for a very long time. I might just do this with one of the goetic entities utilizing a spirit pot(like R.O.'s work with Bune) or I may just improve my spiritual court until I don’t have so many wanderers that hang around.