Some Symbols That Appear In My Hands/Mind


Does Anyone Have Any Idea What These Mean? Thank You For Any Input.


I dont know any of them yet they look so familiar :thinking:
I will follow this thread to find answers with you.


The first one in this photo reminded me of the Ogham alphabet. But when I went searching for the lotus hieroglyph, I saw that Egyptian numbers have somewhat similar marks, too. (Not exact, but close.)

You second symbol in the above photo reminded me of Egyptian lotuses. And the third reminds me of this drawing of an ankh (which, I guess is the letter “H” in Egyptian?)

I feel like I’ve seen a couple of the others before, too.


Thanks For The Input!


Subconsciously created sigils for various energies/forces that you are exposed to. Not sure why, but my intuition is telling me that is what they are.


That Could Be Very Possible, In Hindsight Maybe Thats What It Is


When do they appear usually? What do you feel when they appear? And what are you doing when they appear?


Just Yesterday, On My Palms And Minds Eye. They Came Once, Then Left. Didnt Stick Around


As For What I Was Doing I Was Sitting In Bed Thinking


Thinking about what?


I Dont Exactly Recall What I Was Thinking About Tbh


Next time it happens, try to pay attention and remember.


Roger That