Some Success With Paralda

So I evoked Paralda for the first time Halloween night. Didn’t feel any presence, but I felt I successfully opened the sigil. I mentioned in another thread that I don’t see any flashing. I see the sigil lines disappearing and reappearing (although I’d hardly call this flashing), and coming off the paper in 3d-ish. I can get so focused on the static rain that I don’t see the sigil at all anymore really.

In any case, I went to bed and I started to lucid dream. As usual when this happens, I flew up in the air and went into my supervillian routine. This was encouraging. Eventually I wanted to wake up, and when I woke up -the whole room was flashing-. Just like a sign flashing, not like a strobe. In all of my years of meditation and deep trances I’ve never seen anything like it really. I played with it a bit, noticing when I woke up more the flashing went away, but if I tried to drift back to sleep it would start up again.

I consider this a success, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to replicate it by going into the TGS so far.

A question. Should I dispose of Paralda’s sigil and start a new one, or just keep this one open (for how long??) while I’m using him/her/it to aid in fine-tuning my clairvoyance?

To answer your question, retain the sigil you initially used. Depending on your practices, you may actually never need to dispose of it. Although others would likely advise that you should once your task is over, alternatively you can dispose of it when it feels “right” to do so. However, you should stick with what you are doing and continue your practice. Don’t lose heart and you’ll get what you desire.