Some soulmate questions

ok so before 2 years a new girl came to school my when i first saw her i imediatly felt connection and recognitions like i knew her forever
not gonna lie but i think me with my mistakes and bullies fucked every chance with her
i got so much emotions and intuitive feelings that i cant even express them
aslo every time that i see her my 3 eye activates and buzzes

i would LOVE to be in a relationship with her but i think,
i am i too early for soulmate relationship???

i am still at elementary school so i am a young fuck,lol

i know that her ego is big
once i saw a quote on instagram saying

“where is ego love cannot blossom”

i would like to tell me your opinions about this

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Sometimes it’s better to get to know someone and develop a friendship. Personally I think you might be too young for the soul mate relationship. Why not make a solid friendship, determine who this person truly is,and enjoy your life. Experience as much as this world has to offer while keeping this person close. That way when you are ready to be with your soul mate, if this person is actually your soul mate you’ll be sure and you’ll have a life long foundation to build on. I found when you try push it too soon it doesn’t work and you risk pushing them away for good. Best of luck


thank you for the reply,i must say that she knows that i love her and told her to be together and she said no,i dont know if she will even accept my friendship request

It sounds like you may just have a bit of a crush on her :slight_smile: but I’ll talk about soulmates a little and some common misconceptions about them. One thing in particular that surprised me, is that we actually don’t have just one soulmate for our entire lives. In fact, someone can have multiple soulmates over the course of their life.

Your current soulmate is whoever is best for you, for where you are in your life, and personal development, right now. To be honest, I don’t really know if someone as young as you would have a soulmate, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try and find out :slight_smile:

Here’s a little meditation you can do, to help you both find out if you’re right for each other:

Find a quiet place to sit down and relax where you won’t be disturbed. Repeat NAH-KAH EE-AH-OH-EH three times, either out loud or in your mind. I like to lightly sing EE-AH-OH-EH, if you can find somewhere private. Feel the calm, loving energy that washes over you, and know that you are connected to the universe.

Then, say the following (if you say it in your mind, imagine it is being called to the ends of the universe):

“Archangel Haniel, I ask that you give me the chance to be great friends with N.”

Then, thank Haniel for granting you the gift of friendship, by feeling very grateful. Remember, all great romances are built on a foundation of friendship. If there is the potential for romance, then it will blossom naturally between you two. If not, then at least you made a great friend :slight_smile:

Also, if you are having trouble with bullies, you can use this same meditation, but instead say the following:

“Archangel Michael, I ask that you protect me from the bully N.”

You can also ask Michael to protect a friend, for example. He will not cause any harm to the bully, but will simply encourage them to leave you in peace.

Normally I’d feel a little weird about giving magick to children, but archangel magick is really safe, especially friendship magick :slight_smile:

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Thank you, its ok, I did magic for 2 years from now

Should I use candles too? Or incense? Or sigils for the archangels?

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That’s not necessary, you can follow the instructions just as described and get good results. It may be helpful to repeat the meditation daily for a little bit, but if you do, don’t worry about whether or not it’s working.

The repetition is simply to keep you focused on your goal, and to help keep the archangel’s presence in your life. Be patient, and the results will come quickly. If you are desperate, you short-circuit the magick. Just chill-out, and it’ll work great.

The meditation I gave you should be all you need right now. If you want some further guidance, you can ask the archangel Metatron to help guide your spiritual development. He can also help improve your ability to learn, which could help you succeed in school. Sounds kind of lame, I know, but a couple years from now you’ll be very happy you started boosting your intelligence early.

It’ll make school easier for you, but the real benefit is helping you become whatever you want to be when you grow up. Want to be a scientist, an artist, an engineer, a CEO, a doctor, or a musician? You truly can be anything you want to be. You also don’t have to stick to just one. You’ve got a long, exciting life ahead of you after all :slight_smile:

(also, for when you’re a little older, Haniel can help with more than just frienship btw :wink:)

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That is all illusion but want an advice: go deep for it right now. Do the best you can to fuck this girl from the inside out and to love each other.

Just remember when it is over: it was all just an illusion.