Some Romantic Shiz


Not long ago, Lilith gave me this sigil as one that could be used for lustful matters. It’s not something I asked for nor do I have particular need at the moment.

It occurs to me, though, that with Gremory popping into people’s minds unannounced recently and with so many who seem in need of some lovin’, that perhaps Lilith didn’t intend for me to use this so much as to pass along, for those in need.

As far as I can discern, it’s an amalgam of symbols of sacred sexuality. It does indicate a use hidden in the design as well…

To use the symbol, focus on your intended and focus on the root chakra. I do not believe the target needs to be physically present for this to work.
Take the primal lust power from the root and push it up, through the chakras of the intended, to their crown. This will make them aware of their deep-seated need for knockin’ boots with you.

I also believe that this can be used if you have no specific target in mind. You could do this, focusing on someone out there who could be yours. This would almost be preferable, in my opinion, if you don’t want to potentially fuck with someone’s will.

I’m intentionally leaving the instructions brief. I encourage you to modify and experiment with this as suits your own magickal practices. Add some candles, incense, lusty god(dess) names, do your thing…

Good luck, kids, and happy fucking!

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I get some cool, Barry White sexy voice, kind of vibes from this sigil.

Very nice :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing.

And yo dark, I get a similar vibe from the symbol


this symbol says : sex , sex, sex


Pornhub is acting strange🙃