Some questions on the BOA


I just have some questions concerning the Book of Azazel. Can these evocations be performed outside? For example I do not get much privacy at home and I would like to protect my family, would they be effective/more effective if they were conducted in a forrest?

My last question is does one become better at seeing entities every time he evokes? I know with building astral senses specific exercises are needed but can practicing evocation alone awaken your astral senses?



Yes, the evocations can be done outside or you can set aside a ritual room and put up astral shielding. I see no reason why performing your evocations in a forest would make them any more effective. You will get better at seeing these entities every time you evoke but I don’t know if it would awaken your sight. I was performing necromancy and shade evocation long before I evoked a demon