Some questions from a complete newb


This is my first time posting here, so here goes. I have a whole bunch of questions to ask, if that’s cool. Just to note, I’ve never ever evoked any kind of demon or malevolent spirit. I don’t even do that sort of thing. The only kind of magic I trust and I’m comfortable with is magic with the desire and intention to do the highest good. Also I’m about as inexperienced as you could get.

  1. I’ve been trying to use the LBRP for banishing a malevolent spirit (ex-human) from my house without any luck. I’m really not sure what’s gone wrong because it never works for me. I do know that it has to be true East, etc which I have discovered. I had issues with proper pronunciation of the names and I struggled with visualisation. However, other people on other forums have suggested it doesn’t matter about the visualisation. So have you any advice for getting this to work?

1a) Same question for the Rites of Sealing ritual. That doesn’t seem to work either.

  1. I was attacked by a red skinned female demon (complete with horns, etc) last Saturday after I fumigated three rooms with sulphur. It keeps coming back. I don’t know what it is, but someone suggested it could be an infernal demon, the kind that lives underground. Trouble is, I’ve Googled and only found a bunch of gaming sites. I need to find out what their weakness is, how adaptable they are, etc so that I can work out how to get rid of it completely.

  2. How would you use a brass plated amulet with the Eye of Horus etched in to protect yourself? I was told to look into talisman magic but I haven’t yet found any useful information.

  3. Do you guys know where I could obtain an iron dagger? The blade must be iron. All the places I’ve looked online sells steel bladed daggers or knives.

  4. Is there a way of preventing any spirit from manifesting into physical form when someone else is commanding them to do this?

Thanks in advance.

  1. Your attention is focused in the wrong direction. Rather than simply trying to get the spirit to leave, you’re concerned about getting a specific ritual to get the spirit to leave. Some exorcisms work for some spirits, and others don’t. This is why my first recommendation is to NEVER try to exorcise or banish an entity if you don’t absolutely know what you’re doing. If you tried the LBRP to exorcise a Vodoun Loa, you wouldn’t be long for this earth. If you do decide to go forward on your own, you’ll need to research the spirit as much as you can, find out what system will work best with it, and use that system. Hardly any free-roaming spirits will respond to hermetic rituals, while those entities within that particular paradigm will respond to them amazingly.

1a) Same as before. The method is just that, a method. Don’t become the slave of your method, but wield it as a tool.

  1. I’m curious to know why you’re so haunted, by spirits of the dead, wandering demons, etc. An infernal demon wouldn’t rise up into your home without being called there… or sent there. So, why is it there? Figure this out, and the rest of the mystery will unravel.

  2. Again, you’re placing your focus on the method rather than the end result. Separate the two, and you’ll do fine! The question ought to be, “What is a good amulet for me to use to protect myself, and how would I use it?” It’s not that the amulet you describe can’t do that, but that if your focus is constantly on the method, you’ll never reach your goal!

  3. What do you need the dagger for? An athame? When I started this whole journey, I cared quite a bit about following the traditional requirements, but in a pinch I once used a coffee cup for a chalice, a flower-painted cereal bowl for a cauldron, and a butter knife for an athame. And then go a step further and imagine that these items are in your hands, creating an astral tool to use rather than a physical. And then go farther by realizing that these are still just silly props and can be done away with. And then farther by realizing that this whole universe is a silly prop and can be done away with, or rearranged however you see fit! The baby step towards this goal, though, would be to find a dagger close to the one that you feel like you need. Get your mind off of the method, and on to the goal!

  4. Yes, you yourself can evoke the spirit and either bind it from harming you, or (my preference) return to sender, with vengeance 9 fold!

I hope you don’t feel like I’m beating up on you here, but your questions are very common, and I want to make clear that you ARE indeed a Living God, and under no circumstances should you allow yourself to be bound to a method, but Limitless in every way.

“There is nothing greater than that which I may become.”


Thanks for the insight.

That’s the part of the problem. I’m so inexperienced I’ve no real idea what to do, so I keep trying different things to get them to leave.

I have very little assistance here with me, the only people who has been able to help in any way is a very well known mystic healer who lives in Oz, and a local healer (who I’m no longer in touch with because she’s been compromised through her own ignorance and arrogance). I don’t know anyone here who can perform exorcisms apart from the priest and he didn’t believe me anyway. I prefer not to have anything to do with religion so it’s just as well.

Everyone else thinks I’m suffering from psychosis. I assure you I’m not.

(BTW when I say I’ve seen someone or something, normally I mean I’ve either seen with clairvoyant sight which happens to me spontaneously, or it was seen within a vision or dream.)

But even though the mystic’s counter-measures and suggestions do work to an extent, the ex-human spirit has been able to adapt a hell of a lot which makes things much harder to resolve (which the mystic acknowledges can happen). So something works for a week or two then suddenly stops working.

I’ve been researching everything I possibly could about the ex-human spirit since 2007. I’ve tried all kinds of crazy shit to get him to leave. but it feels like I’m going around in circles.

To be clear, this spirit is attached to me so isn’t affected by some things like running water, etc.

He also has access to my subconscious mind, and is able to control some of my habits and behaviour, as well as my emotions and thoughts through hypnotic broadcasting which usually takes place when I’m asleep. I know this because I woke up unexpectedly and he was in the middle of hypnotising me to become reliant on painkillers. I of course instantly countered that so it never came to fruition.

He knows my every waking thoughts and is able to invade my dreams, and of course to attack my energy body and cause me to become sick at the drop of a hat.

The mystic is fairly certain this is an ex-human spirit, and that he’s likely to be earth element, therefore in his opinion the LBRP using earth pentagram should work. But it doesn’t when I do it. No doubt it would work if the mystic actually lived in the UK and he were to perform the LBRP.

The mystic has been possessed by a nasty demon in the past, he exorcised it himself, and since then he has over 30 years of experience with helping others get free from these things and he’s used the LBRP successfully to banish demons and malevolent entities from his personal space whenever they come to attack him. He told me he wouldn’t be here now if he couldn’t banish them in this way.

So either the ex-human spirit is not of the earth element, or I’m doing something wrong. Or there’s something neither of us knows about.

If I can change myself then that’s less food for the spirit and fewer hooks. I’ve been working on that since 2007 and I’ve made quite a lot of progress but there’s much more to do. In the meantime I need to figure out how to get shot of him and the rest of them, and protect myself and my space afterwards against the magician.

I can tell you all I know about this spirit. It’s not a lot. Mainly due to him being a compulsive liar and deceiver, and to my own limited ability to interpret accurately what I’ve experienced and what I’ve been shown via dreams and visions.

Precisely. I’d love to know why I’ve got to deal with these things too. I’ve been trying to figure that out for 5 years. You’ve just confirmed a magician is behind this. So thanks for that.

I didn’t call the demon to me at all. I didn’t call the ex-human spirit to me and I didn’t call the fast-moving black masses of pure fear into my house to attack me either. The ex-human spirit has always maintained that he was sent by a black magician.

The only (supported) theory I have is this is a curse and it’s possibly to do with another life in some way, and we’ve somehow upset this magician. I’ve no idea who he is or whether he’s a part of this world.

Understood. But the reason why I even went there is because an angelic being helped me quit smoking a year ago this month. It’s not the first time I had anything to do with him, he rocked up in a dream and took me to my version of Hell. But that’s another story (it wasn’t anything to do with religion).

In the process of helping me sever all ties with my addiction to nicotine, he showed me an Eye of Horus symbol on the back of my left hand (during a mind’s eye vision). I didn’t understand it, so I looked it up online and got the idea that it had something to do with protection. Being easily distracted, I soon forgot about it, until earlier this year when I had a vision of the mystic (I mentioned him earlier) telling me and showing me that I need to use the Eye of Horus to protect myself. I did some research into the history of the Eye of Horus and concluded that an amulet with the symbol on it may help. But I don’t know how to use it.

I never did work out why the Eye of Horus only appeared on the back of my left hand. If you have any ideas, I’d be glad to hear them. :slight_smile:

What would you use and how would you use it if you were in my shoes?

No, it wasn’t for that. When I used to practise the LBRP, I used my index and middle fingers for the pointer. I improvised.

The local healer I mentioned is also a clairvoyant. She suddenly said to me one day that she’d just picked up something about using iron to weaken the ex-human spirit. Of course this is flimsy, but I’ll try almost anything to weaken him in order to force him out of my mind, my energy body and my life. The iron dagger is intended to be an experiment.

Well if I could do that, I’d prefer to just bind it to do no harm. I’m not above dishing out a taste of his own medicine especially when I’m raging, but personally that’s just an ego thing and doesn’t really do anything for me. I don’t want to stoop to his level and if I can avoid retaliation then I will. The situation is bad enough as it is.

I suspect the infernal demon will start to manifest in physical form because I saw in a vision her manifested in physical form when I was in a pottery with someone else I know. I’m into pottery, love creating with clay. Anyway, the person with me stabbed the demon in the back whilst she was trying to get at me because I was frozen to the spot, and she just dropped there and then, like a deactivated robot. This vision occurred before I even heard of demons being able to manifest into physical form.

I never thought you were being hard on me. If anything you’ve provided insights and some useful information about the infernal demon.

[quote=“E.A., post:2, topic:198”]I want to make clear that you ARE indeed a Living God, and under no circumstances should you allow yourself to be bound to a method, but Limitless in every way.

“There is nothing greater than that which I may become.”[/quote]

Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind. It’s funny you mentioned that. I’m currently reading Jack Canfield’s book, “How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be” which is pretty much based upon the same idea. :slight_smile: However, this is all very new to me.

P.S. What WOULD you do if you were in my shoes with my level of experience?


Gemma, I gotta say I love the hell outa the way you just put it all out there - no whining, no self-pity. Its obvious you are devoted to your (new) You, hellbent on a SOLUTION and utterly willing to do whatever it takes to improve your circumstnces on all fronts! You are an Inspiration!

I’m not going to intrude upon your dialogue with EA; he’s a richer source of information on this than I am. Just wanted to offer encouragement & support for the way you are approaching this situ. :wink: Z




Thanks. I accept my situation but that doesn’t prevent me from looking for solutions. The harder my life is, the more I learn, but it’s been 2 decades and it’s time to wrap things up as I have other plans for my future.

Earlier I was thinking I’m well and truly fucked because I don’t know who this magician is or where he is, and I don’t have the skills necessary to stop him and these entities in their tracks.

But the more I thought about it, I realised I still have options and I have the free will to take action, one way or other, even if that does mean finding someone to do the necessary magickal work for me. And there’s nothing to stop me from getting on with my life the way I want to, even if the magician decides to up the stakes. And he will, because I’ve continued to heal myself despite the attacks and despite having a bitter and nasty ex-human spirit attached to me, making my life as unpleasant as possible. I started to feel love and compassion again this year (baby steps - I generally only feel that for babies, children and animals but I’m working on it!), and I’m becoming a kinder person in general. There’s still a long way to go though.

Just wondering if it’s possible to prevent the magician from using his power to harm me again, even if I don’t know who he is, where he is and why he’s doing this stuff to me?



It sounds like what you need is professional help. Not with your psyche (even though we could ALL use some of that), but with your situation. This is the sort of thing that people call me about after they’ve gone to all the witch doctors, wiccans, and catholic priests that they know, and still have no conclusion.

Now, although I’m always going to recommend my services, I think that before you come to me that you should check out a few other magicians who can help you with this, weigh them out, and decide which you think will work best for you.

My good friend Dante Abiel is expert at exorcism and banishing, and he definitely knows his way around demons, as at this point he’s hardly even human most of the time. You can check out his site at

At one point, Dante was my “apprentice,” and the only reason that he’s been released from that title is due to his knowledge and raw power matching, and in some cases even surpassing my own.

My mentor, Dr. DePrince, is the most knowledgable and powerful individual I’ve ever met. If anyone can help you other than myself or Dante, it would be DePrince. You can find his site at

And, of course, there’s good ol’ me. I’ve been under psychic attack more times than I can count, and probably even more than I’m aware of. DePrince told me when he first initiated me that if I didn’t have an army of spirits surrounding me, I’d have been dead a long time ago. I’ve seen people in your exact same situation, and have pulled them out of it without issue.

I do want to let you know that anyone who can help you will charge heavily for their services, because it does exact a toll on the Operator, and there are costs that must be paid down the road for which he/she will need to be compensated.

You can email me at if you decide to move forward with this.

Your alternative is to do this yourself, which is great! I do prefer that everyone learn from trial and error, with a bit of guidance. If you’d like to go this route, you could probably do well with a consultation from me, in which I’d be able to walk you through what you need to do to get rid of these issues in your life. You can find the Program Catalogue link at the top of this page, and then sign up for a one hour consultation personally with me to help you resolve these problems.

I really don’t mean to just sell my services, but at this point it’s obvious that you need some help above and beyond a few typed sentences of advice, but that you’re in need of something much more in depth and hands-on.


I sent you an email earlier. Sorry it’s a long one but it gives a fuller picture of what’s been going on.