Some progress I think... Finally!

Ive been on this LHP for about 2 months now and I’ve seen in the last week my senses (I think) are really picking up…
Ive recently discovered that my gaurdian demons is Duke Sallos and Duke Aim, which is cool because (I’ve made a pact with Sallos) I’m all about love and lust and trying to outwit people… I’ve asked Aim to destroy my enemies and not be merciful, I also last night have made a pact with King Belial for protection, to be his student also to control the mind of my target…
Ive discovered Prince Orobas is lurking in my room (from my understanding I’ve been using a dodgy makeshift pendulum board and spirits can’t lie when you ask for there name) and where I asked where he was in my room with the pendulum it went to where I initially felt him (before I was using a pendulum) I talked with King Belial just then and asked how long our pact was I thought it was a year but he responded with- a life (which I’m cool with too)
I also asked Orobas to move my curtian in my room to prove he was there and he did
I also believe he kicked out whatever spirit that has been fucking with my family since I was a kid haha!
Well I think the Demons have a liking to me for some reason I’m yet to find out
Even though I know I’ve offended Lucifer and need to give him a offering to make things straight
Sorry about the long post but I’m starting to believe in my abilities finally and not doubting myself as much
So anyone just starting on this path stick to it even though I’m not close yet I know this path with give me lots of things that
Catholicism wouldn’t give me in 21 years
And I’ve only been on this path 2 months
Keep pushing and believe yourself!!!


Some people really learn fast, wow.


Thanks but I definitely have alot to work on! I think I’ve just been evoking alot… And I started invoking yesterday I’d already invoked 4 different spirits, just going non stop haha

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may i know how you discovered your guardian demon ?

Oh, the youth…! In 2 months you’ve made a pact already, you’re evoking non stop (why??) and within a day you invoked 4 spirits. And I assume from the last 3 sentences you’re not experienced at all with magic. I may be wrong but shouldn’t you study a bit more first? Why you’re in such rush? Evocation is not a joke to play with… Each of us pick their path and the way to work through it, but probably you should be a bit more cautious, there are things that you might not be able to withstand as inexperienced. Don’t rush, take your time, study, meditate, study some more and then meditate even more. You’ll know when the right time is to move to the next step.

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Yeah I know what you mean but at this point in time I don’t give a fuck I’m wanting to take it all in and if it drives me crazy who cares… If I didn’t have this I would’ve killed myself so I think it’s probably a better outcome then killing myself… And I have studied for years and meditated for years but yeah I can see where your coming from I’ve thought that but then if I don’t I know I’d do something bad so I’m just doing what I gotta do

I wish you good luck then and hope everything will work on your favour :slight_smile:

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Cheers bruh

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