Some people have entirely the wrong idea

For the longest time, I believed that the 72 spirits of the Lesser key were evil forces that would conspire to trick me at every turn. I did not ever think to actually evoke any of them out of fear that I would earn their Wrath. But as I started to work with the 72, I can see how foolish my ways were. If people would not believe the hype, they would see these beings as they truly are helpful, benevolent in most cases, and dare I say loving. These beings exist, and it only 2 days, I have undergone such a transformation as to the point that I can hardly believe it. Praise be to Paimon, praise be to Orobos, and praise be to Astaroth for everything that they’ve done for me in such a short amount of time.


King* Paimon, dont call him without his title my friend


My mistake, I was a little out of it, interaction with all of them left me a bit exhausted. I’ll try to edit it.