Some of Raziel's teachings ;)

Always speak the truth if you lie you shake the whole existance by stating something witch isent true you attract unwanted negativity if you have to lie return the question or change the subject

Watch out what you think vibrates messeges to reality

Raziel is respected among all angels

Raziel warned me many dietys see me as a threat because i aim to surpass their power and position a thing i never stated outloud this includes any magician who thinks the same but they rarely admit to it

The momment you opened your first ritual you were instantly known to many worlds something witch is scary

If you feel exited for a diety it wants to communicate with you

The secret to reality manifestation is planing

Karma is better explained what you attract what you offer and it is active if you allow it too

A diety dosent always reveal or speak the truth unless youre ready

The universe is the science

The universe is constantly expanding there many worlds and millions of beings we exist in a solar system with different parts however raziel dident confirm if the astral belongs to it or is a different dimension itself i asume it is in a way

Beings we call aliens exist in different races some have been on earth there is life to the universe and they know and practice on the astral

The word sin was invented by humans however self disrespect, betrayal , being a coward, having no personal values , lying and child-animal abuse are considered sins and dietys hate those

You can become an angel after death

Astral beings are dangerous. Few are alone most have a king they have a base wich gain knowledge and they can even hide themselfs on objects all are feeding from lifeforce

Your world is yours you live it from your part that means it has to be different but first you will it too the only thing that holds you back is the human side in detail your lack of self mastety, personal faults, people and inviroment you allow to

If you truly isolate yourelf from anything distracting you instantly start the process of change

Technology does more harm than we understand however there more magicians now than any other time because of it

There many socaietys of magicians most of them are well hidden

The role of the magician is the role of a creator and contant self improvement its a blessing . You will hold great knowledge and power however there is a price you lose a part of your human side

The highest forms of magick are weather/element control, telekinisis , telepathy and necromancy all of them are based on energy and all have many different uses some witch seemed fasinating to me

You can remove your chakras/gates for a limeted period with different meditations or forever azazel witch i havent met is the best choise for this

Some dietys have a secret name witch when spoken summons them instantly

The right hand path has rules

The nightmare angels are a not so known group of big importance

Gods and beings stop existing if they lose in battle and get devoured by another the essence still exists inside however personality is lost or better described sield .

Time travel is possible thu deep meditation by creating an alternative reality in your memmory or somebodys else it is considered a dangerous practice

El has many names he exists in a new kindom now and can be evoked however you will draw attencion in the astral

Many beings want to reincarnate and live on our planet and realm while keeping their powers

The most human population is considered stupid by dietys however the planet and life on is intresting

At the future the world will be destroyed ether by war or outer space cause he wont share further

I wish you success and many many blessings :slight_smile:


Deities see you as a threat?


Anyone who aims to surpass them


Why would they care?


I aint buying this either.


You think it makes sense to me im not even a skilled magician ?

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But Raziel told you this directly? Or no?


I shared some knowledge i recieved you believe what you want you can freely evoke him yourelf im not saying im dangerous im saying entitys consider if someone aims higher than usual

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As someone who’s worked with Raziel, this doesn’t sound like him. At least part of it doesn’t.

Also, I just asked Raziel, and the OP is partially correct, but not for the reasons he thinks he is.

The original post has truths, half-truths, and lies, but it’s up to you to determine where what all was said lines up. A good chunk of the post has wrong-ideas brought about by conclusions made by misinterpretation. Still has some good info though.


Thanks for confirmation man.

I just asked, no need to make assumptions on it. It was just simple questions. I didn’t state you were claiming to be dangerous or anything.

I dont understand the responses i shared some teachings i recieved lies ? Where did you see a lie? And how did you asked raziel in less than 2 minutes i need 10 minutes only for the meditation im the lier? Tch this is a place we share knowledge i dont try to flex or anything why would i do it here in the first place? I wont start meaningless conflicts but its a shame everyone can express thir opinion on a subject but not like this. And i dont think archangel raziel would create a bond with a unknowledgeble

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Because I actually know how to communicate with spirits without needing to do full ritual evocation/invocation.

The biggest lies are the ones we tell ourselves. Also Raziel said not everything was exactly true when I asked him. I never said you were intentionally lying, just that some of what you said wasn’t necessarily accurate.


Thats better thank you for being spesific. I would apreciate if you correct what you say youre told is wrong :slight_smile:

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Somewhat true, a bit simplified, but reality is based on belief, so when belief is in a lie, reality bends to that lie.

Similar to the first thing.

He is an Archangel after all.

False, just outright false.

True, but not as big of a deal as you think, because time is nonlinear, and you retroactively were already known.

Sometimes true, not always.


Eh, kinda? Karma is kinda a silly concept in of itself tbh.

Mostly true, some deities are dicks and will tell you things you aren’t ready for.

On some levels true. The physical, mental, and spiritual worlds are all governed by their own laws, to a degree. How much of those laws are based on belief in those laws, I can’t confirm.

The universe expands because the perception of the beings within it explore the boundaries of it. The more you seek the more you find.

This one is up to interpretation and how you define ‘aliens’.

All words were invented. As far as ‘sin’, everyone has things they like and don’t like, so why would a spirit or deity be any different?

Technically true, but not really. It’s complicated.

Anything can be dangerous by those who are creative.

Self-mastery is important, and a lack of self-mastery will hold you back.

Change happens regardless of what we do, we can only try to guide the transformations.

Tools can be used for good or ill, and more powerful tools can achieve greater hopes or greater atrocities.

True. Witch covens are a dime a dozen, and there are several significant orders out there.

The first part is correct in a way, practitioners of the arts are those who manifest change in the world. As far as prices, humanity isn’t that common of one to pay.

False. The highest forms of magick are based in theurgy, where you are literally bending reality to your whims on a meta-level.

Chakra ‘removal’ is a thing, and Azazel has been known to teach things like that.

Spirits hear when they are called, regardless of the name used so long as the intent is there. And they can choose to appear or not.

All paths have rules, and all rules are subjective and personal.

This one is just WTF? Even Raziel doesn’t know how you came up with this one.

That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with stranger aeons, even death may die.

Technically true, but time travel is folly and almost always ends poorly.

There are many names for God, as far as the drawing attention, doing any kind of occult practices will draw attention.

Power over those lesser than oneself is a common wish among all beings, regardless of form or lack thereof.

Humanity is stupid, but it can learn. Growth comes from those who actually choose to grow.

There are many potential ways human society could end, natural and artificial in nature.


There, I went through everything and broke it down for you.


Technically you don’t have to wait til after death to become an angel, archangel Zadkiel and Gabriel with the dominion angels oversee such soul transmutation for their group, same with Aphrodite and her Erotes if one aims for that, or Ma’at and her Ma’atis. Soul transmutation doesn’t have to wait until after death if said beings agree to do so, only thing is you’d have to learn projection because even then you still go through things beyond this physical existence. In the etheric you would be training and such as well.


Exactly! You can do a lot while in mortal form.