Some of my works

Here is some of my black arts devises i use


That looks excellent!

It took me along time to construct at least about 60 different ones using geometry and the ink is a mixture of graveyard dirt, my own blood and brimstone, its useless for anyone trying attempt to use my book, it only answers to me, those seals around the inverted pentagram is taken from Somner Dreadwoods provfound seals, as because i read can use seals how ever i want, i don’t have to keep drawing seals every time to fire them off, no need for waste of paper chop down less trees, it seems the book feels of a constant poltergeist presence, if i wasn’t in the black arts it would frieghten the living crape out of me, it feels like darkness oozing from the book in a form of Dark energy, i had to virtually lift that curse on marijuana growers, power that eminates from the book is like a dark parasite seems to attach like a Demonic leach, if it has affect marijuana growers it could spread to cannabis plants, which could end up air bourne, and end up affecting those Legal Cannabis growing companies, so i had to redirect that curse to affect my adopted parents, to affect her memory so my parents can slowly over time so they loose memory of me, and also a curse on the Australian government, to Legislation of medical and recreational cannabis and hash, because people on this forum don’t end up in prison for cannabis smoking the ones in Australia, by what i created i get weird noises coming from outside at night, and 2 nights ago i used page two the one with the astral Juggernaut, i was in bed asleep i felt a terrifying presence creeping around my home, i had to be very strong will, o yeh one of those inverted pentagram contains 6 of those seals from the counter creation from my Black magic of Ahriman inscribe with my blood and graveyard dirt done in black.:sunglasses:

Wonderful piece of art. :+1:

And it all works to well. Also i designed on for the 9 Demon king, Lord Belial gave me some great advice.

Did you hand draw them?

Only the symbols hand drawn carefully, the pentagrams with a ruler, the 2 rings 2 different size dinner plates.

your drawing is so good

With practice you can do it too, one thing i designed 80 pages A3 sketch pad gets harder to add over a certain amount of A3 sheets, i find A3 works better, in landscape format, so i design each one in black ink using a ball point pen bic is perfect does it well, and a 60 cm stainless steel ruler does not dent, like plastic rulers do, the third design equipment is you know those circle drawers the ones with numbers 360 degree circle drawer, and also a plastic circle template its a rectangular piece of plastic with 32 different size circles 2mm to 33mm and lead pencil and a rubber to rub out pencil mark, can purchase at a news agency, a piston driven refillable fountain pen, own blood graveyard dirt, and a bottle of india ink to mix blood graveyard dirt and brimstone, one little jar to add the mixed india ink fountain pen ink, and one charging vessel from ebay Haunted ones if can find ver important, if can find Haunted charging vessel possess by a foul dark entity important if can get, so put fountain pen ink and blood, Haunted graveyard dirt can still purchase on ebay, also help very well human bone fragments purchase from Lucifer apothecary very findly grounded in a morter and pestle add with own blood graveyard dirt bone powder brimstone very small pinch mix all ingredients very well in fountain pen ink, in tiny jar put in Haunted charging vessel leave for 3 months to charge and create Haunted fountain pen ink, fill fountain pen up with charged, Haunted black ink then carefully go over designs, nearly each page, there you go a Haunted grimoire.

With the A3 sketch pad, the ones can buy has a black plastic cover, draws in massive energy.

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You should look at those pictures after smoking high quality cannabis, leave it open on the topic seeing those stars, go outside smoke 3 cones in a row, go back inside and look at those drawing while really bent, see what i mean that one with the seals from the circle of counter creation, i designed it spot on, the one of sale on balg catalogue is done incorrectly, i fixed mine up, now i dont have to purchase any.

So has @EA seen yet.

Here we go some more the 9 nine Demon Kings and the black zodiac

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Wow excellent

There awesome right.


Or miss Mason, Timothy.

See as you all can see that is the path i been walking since the age of 17

What do you mean by EA, Miss Mason and Timothy?

Yes do they look at everyones post.

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Surely they have other things to do.
Youve been on this forum for a couple of months longer then me.
During this time i have seen 1 post of Mason and perhaps 1-2 from Timothy and EA.
You dont really believe they check every post and comment here on the forum do you? That would probobly be a fulltime job :slight_smile: