Some of my Thoughts Concerning , Religion, the Divine, The Gods and Goddesses

Some of my Thoughts Concerning , Religion, the Divine, The Gods and Goddesses in a LHP Paradigm and how to Black Magician can Work with them to Achieve Mastery of his or Her Life.

Hi Everyone, Before Saying anything else i want to make clear that what I’m about to Say is Just my UPG , so Feel free to Disagree With what I’m about to Say, I hope that this Post will be a Source of Inspiration for Other Magician.

Being a Black Magician, my Ascent is what matter Foremost, As a Black Magician my Main Goal is to Achieve Mastery of My Destiny. I have Worked with Many Demons, Angels and Spirits as well with Gods and Goddesses, like Most other Magicians out here.

As i thread on my own Path, Working to Create my Personal View of the World i came to several Conclusion about The Nature of the Divine, what we Called The Eternal, as well as the Nature of the Many Gods and Goddesses and how to Work with them without Losing my Core Belief that I am the Only God that is and that If i don’t Become the Master of my Life, someone else or Something Else will do so, or i will just Waste the Wonderful Existence I’ve been Given.

In my Spiritual Quest, I practiced many Religion, going in Depths in many of them, Like Islam, Many Form of Hinduism, Vaishnavism, Saivaism and Shaktism, Sikhism and many Kind of Wiccan Group, as the Native Correlian Tradition, as a many Neo-Pagan group such as Asatru, and Other European Pre-Christian Religion. I Find many Good in Most of Them and many Things that doesn’t Work Well for me.

Being a Very Logical Person with a Deep Love of Science, but with a Very Open Mind the Belief in a Cosmic Personal God who would have Set a Code of Universal Moral Laws is for me Illogical, I came to this Conclusion by Studying most of the So-Called ‘‘Words of God’’. These Book are Claimed as being Perfect, without Error, So if I was Able to Find one Error(A Scientific one for instance) in them, All the Religious Dogma contain in those Book, Like Hell, The Moral code of Laws etc… Become Invalid.

Continuing in this way, I came to the Conclusion that if a Cosmic Personal God Exist , That mean that This God by don’t Providing a Solid, Perfect Proof of His Existence and by not Providing a ‘‘Code of Laws’’ without Flaws ,Prove that no Such Code Exist. or that This Being, this ‘‘Cosmic’’ God haven’t fixed such a Universal Code. Or that Such a Being does not Exist, Or that it is a Impersonal Cosmic God that don’t Bother Personally about us or Creation in the Way Religion taught.

Either way, I came to the Conclusion that Trying to Commune or Work with such a Force on a Personal Level is Useless for the Magician in His Accent, it’s a waste of Time.

As For the Gods and Goddesses, I Believe, due to me Personal Experience that These Being are Conscious manifestation of a Certain Kind of Energy or Current of Power in Nature both in the Microcosm and the Macrocosm. Each Gods and Goddesses and their Pantheon have their own Matrix of Energy that the Magician can connect with in Order to Channel through Himself the Powers and Attributes of theses Beings.

They Represent Ideal we want to Attain and by Working with them, we Become Like them, we become also a Living Manifestation of these Gods and Goddesses.

For Instance, Someone Working with the Goddesses Chandi (It’s an Indian Goddesses that Free her Devotee from The Bondage of the Ego(Our Self Imposed Limitation) She tears Apart Thought that prevent us from Being Happy an Fulfilled, she Represent the Perfect Balance between Too much and too Little, Will Connect Himself to the Matrix of Energy Linked to this Goddesses and Use Technique of ‘‘Worship’’(For me Worship mean Focusing ourselves and Devoting ourselves to the achievement of the Goals we have Fixed) Related to this Goddesses and by doing so he will become ‘‘one with her’’ and acquire her Attributes and Power that will Help Him in his Ascension and Magickal Development.

There is no need to Merge or Fuse with something Higher but Instead the Magician Bring this ‘‘Divinity’’ Into Himself and Manifest it into his Life for the Betterment of his Existence.

When the Magician Need to Change Pantheon in order to Work with Different Being, he Just disconnect Himself from this Matrix of Energy and connect to another. These Different Workings will of Course change and Alter the Own Matrix of Energy of the Magician, Making his Matrix more and more diverse with a lot of Different Energetic Manifestation that will be Useful for the Magician in many Situation during the Course of His Life.
Hope this will be a Source of Inspiration for Other, and Feel free to Comment on your Opinion or to Share your Idea so i can Improve mine, I’m always Glad to Receive Inspiration by Other.

Best Regards!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and years of exprience. It may be late of my part to ask questions now but, you said you worked with Vaishnavism correct? have you worked with the God Rama/Ram (the avatar of Vishnu)? or with Krishna? what is your realizations with these entities?