Some muslim love spells

I am not a fan of love spells, as I mentioned earlier if the person has no love for you it does not work. We need to understand how the law of attraction works first. In my country so many people gets deceived everyday because they want their ex back, or they think a single spell can undone something they have done
LIFE IS OUR CHOICES. Magic is real but first you need to figure out how it works first.

The book which my grandmother had was written in turkish so i have tried to translate it. Its an old book and it was written in turkish so no need to harm share some spells here.

I do not work with muslim prayers or arabic spells even though I live in a muslim country. I just wanted to share if anyone out there who might be interested.



This was quite kind of you. Thank you.


This is awesome! I would be interested to know what other kind of spells this book has! Any healing and psychic spells perhaps?


I will try to find them when i am avaible. There are too many prayers in my grandma books though


Your welcome. I will try to share more soon

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I am Turkish Havas books usually don’t work, This different system does not give results every time, unfortunately, all of the authors of this book are crazy, usually empty ritual books.Waste of time, none of the books promise real results, Magic is forbidden in Islam, but these books say that magic can be done through Islamic prayers.This shows just how unnecessary these shitty books are.

As I mentioned earlier I do not believe in love spells. But calling them shitty is not a good way to address them. I also live in Turkey and I know havas is more like a mith.


Ruhaniyyat is not forbidden in Islam. It isn’t Havass, yes. As long as you aren’t interfering someones will, magick is not forbidden.

I have friends from various sects that deals with these types of things. Its safe to say, these spells are going to work after you have your foundations settled.

Bülent Kısa’s book about Havass is very good, imo.


There are love spells and Muslim wizards are the most interested in it.Usually results are produced using willpower, But that doesn’t mean there is no love spell, However, after a few unsuccessful attempts, the person begins to question her beliefs.The biggest working principle of magic is faith.

Exactly. Some people should understand how magic works first.


I can tell you this is powerful working magic. if you practice the rituals without fail. I study Arabic magic:


often the magician sends a Djinn towards the person. The jinn will do whatever it takes to get the job done for the magician. Often the Djinn is forced by incantations to work for the magician. This is really a different story from that of willpower


I’ve read a few Islamic magick books find them very hard to practice in today’s times , burning things when you live in apartment is hard plus if you do it outside you might get arrested if a fire ban is on :disappointed: plus most of them ask you to pray namaz and stuff


Then can you tell the truth of this story?

I’ve called up several Djinn and didn’t need any incantations. I believe your information comes from your specific methods for using them.


Do you have any prayer or method ? I Got some prayers if you need them.


Thanks. I’ve evoked some in the past. Might be interesting to read the prayers, though.


What if I can’t sew into clothing?

I’m interested in learning

I am not really sure but you can try burrying instead.