Some information by glasya labolas

Worked with glasya labolas today and he taught me a lot of things and understanding. He said if anyone needs help with medical science he can help them out greatly or anything of the electronic field. He also told me particularly to evoke him only through my device and not a physical ritual, he believes it takes too much time and does not go well with my desire (so this may not apply to everyone) he also said he likes to work timelessly and want human beings to do everything in a short period of time. He also made me turn on the fan as the incense was burning to fasten the process(this may not apply to other rituals) then I was made to open up the curtain so the light of the sun can come into my space and reveal hidden information within mind. Running is also something I have been advised by him(it supports my desire in particular)
So the ultimate principles to come out of this seems to be illumination and speed and applying that aspect to ones life


my breath smells like acid after the evocation

Cool! Congrats! :slight_smile:

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