Some ideas for dieties of willpower

my typos aside. I am working on the remaining half of a spell that is part of a system of dark attunement. this spell pertains mostly to willpower and the deities for invocating willpower proper. just one catch though, it is not willpower as in “self-confidence” or “ambition”. it is more of the “I will myself to existence from nothing” sort of willpower. very primal. roughly put “cover your eyes, cover your ears, cover your mouth (breath through your nose), make yourself numb (certain yoga positions come to mind) and what do you have? you, just your will.” that is the kind of will I’m thinking of. now I would like suggestions for dark gods and goddesses to embody this idea for my invocation (don’t worry, ill be keeping that invocation private to mind the rules). and I have done my due diligence by searching google, some occult books I’ve accumulated, but the nuggets of wisdom I need I suspect are proving hidden beneath the copious mountains of the casual fair. so logic dictates experienced folk like you all would be the better teachers

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Aset, Tiamat, Nyx, Ratri, Freya, Angrboda for Goddesses

Erebus, Sutekh, Odin, Loki for Gods