Some Forum Modification Requests


[quote=“Sukujin, post:1, topic:426”]Timothy and EA,

Ive been on this forum from the beginning and it is fucking awesome, I check it hourly :slight_smile:

I have a few suggestions/requests that Id like you take into consideration.

  1. Can we have ‘location’ shown to the left of peoples posts, so I know where people are from?[/quote]


But I’ve added a location field in the profile.

2. Can we have a 'comment' column in our profile for our buddy list? I would like to be able to make a personal comment for myself, for my viewing in my buddy list, of where people are from. I have a good list of buddies and would like to make a note for myself, when viewing the buddy list, of who is from Australia and New Zealand, just to keep track of things.


3. Is it possibe to have a 'number of users online' in the footing of each page/subforum/thread?
  1. It would also be good to have, like, an icon indication of weither or not I have commented on a thread.


Also, when is this forum going to locked down?

Most likely at the start of the Mastering Divination program. We’ll announce the official commencement date soon.

EDIT: And maybe a dislike button :)

SECOND EDIT: And the ability to upload pics directly to the forum.

These two are a possibility in the future.

Hey Timothy, I reckon a “healing” section in the forbidden spell casting section would be pretty great too :slight_smile:

Timothy (or any other powers that be),

In the messaging system, the default behavior is to not keep sent messages, only the incoming ones. As the system has a nice little conversation-tracking for the messaging, it would be nice to have “keep sent messages” turned on by default.

I noticed it after a few messages, so it hasn’t impacted me much, but I think it would be a more useful default for most of us - as anything worth private messaging over is probably worth re-reading both ends of the convo.


One suggestion please, if possible, add a button to go to the last post in a thread. currently it looks like the only way to get there is to click on the page number and scroll to the end

also it seems that there is no way to delete or remove a post.

What I would find practical is a ‘mark as unread’ button, that makes sure the thread goes back into the ‘new topics’ list. That way when you come accross a thread with a lot of interesting vids that take up a long time to view, you don’t have write down the name of the thread to be able to return to it at a later date.

This could also be achieved with some sort of flagging system, such as

  • starred
  • favorites
  • etc.

with a main page link to your favorites, somewhere near the new topics/comments buttons.

That’s actually a good suggestion.

[quote=“redcircle, post:7, topic:426”]This could also be achieved with some sort of flagging system, such as

  • starred
  • favorites
  • etc.

with a main page link to your favorites, somewhere near the new topics/comments buttons.[/quote]


Enjoy using it by clicking the “Bookmark Topic” at the top or bottom of any thread.

Also, review your Bookmarked Topics by clicking the “Bookmarks” tab in the main menu at the top.

I aim to please.

[quote=“Timothy, post:8, topic:426”][…]
I aim to please.[/quote]

Awesome, thanks Timothy!

Ditto, much appreciated Timothy!

I just wanted to report that if someone sends me a private message, I am not getting the email notification for it until a week or more later. Not really a huge deal because I always see the notification when I log on here but its a bit annoying getting old news in my email

can a feature be added to bookmark a post rather than an entire topic?

[quote=“redcircle, post:10, topic:268”][quote=“Student_of_Goetia, post:5, topic:268”]Would it be possible for BALG forum to set up a moderated chat room to discuss The BOA?
eg. a scheduled hour each week which accommodates most time zones[/quote]

Irc is a really easy chat protocol, as is jabber. I think I’ll suggest this in the “forum requests” section.[/quote]

Timothy: I am going to setup a temporary irc channel on synIRC for this group to use, as it is very easy to do so and can give people a place to chat/congregate. I’d be glad to appoint to moderator anyone of your choosing. I just figured I’d get the ball rolling. If we move to a different chat room in the future, no worries. And if this becomes a distraction, I am not emotionally invested in the idea - it wouldn’t be a problem to delete it if requested.

For those of you who don’t know how to use irc, you need to get an irc client or find a webclient. xchat and mirc are both pretty good. You can also use a jabber client or mibbit.

Mibbit is a web and client based, so you don’t have to dl anything to use it. It’s also free and very newbie friendly. There’s a video on their landing page for how to use it.

Here are the details you’ll need to get in:
Channel: #balg
Key: balgchat

Note: I will be keeping the channel private accessed and locked with a key. We will probably eventually want to move to our own servers, but this is a good way to gauge interest/usage.