Some contacting questions

So Ive decided I would like to contact and talk to Lilith. Ive never done anything like this before, so for my first time, I want to make sure that Im atleast prepared to do this. Ive found 2 threads via the search about rituals I can do to contact her. My only question is If I need to know anything else. Other precautions I should do (Ive heard about testing them I think?). Ive also seen people saying to never do certain things with a deity they dont trust. How does one go about finding one they can trust? Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated :blush:

I can’t give you any advice on Lilith, because I haven’t worked with her yet…but I can tell you about Finding a spirit you trust. I try to do as much research as I can before working with a spirit. Then I just try to form a relationship with the spirit. You don’t have to always do this, it’s just what I do in order to get to know the spirit and for them to also get to know me. If I felt like the spirit can help or assist me, I would just take the plunge and ask for it. You won’t know until you try.


Unlike all these mythical stories you hear about her, Lilith will not attack you just out of the blue.
Many cowboy stories about what a freak she is and sexual monster are mostly the cause of the wrong people with the wrong intentions towards her.
In fact Lilith is very nurturing and caring.
If you respect her, even if you feel some fear, she will respect you and go as far as you can and even a little bit further since it is her duty to make you find liberation.
This also means that if you are not ready yet, she’ll let you know.


Ahh okay, so heres an update, I really want a Succubus to spend time with and learn from as well as other things lol. I tried Succupedias Letter of Intent ritual 3 times with the 3rd time using a drop or 2 of my blood and so far I haven’t noticed anything different. I also tried to evoke Lilith to ask her some questions, seek guidance, and ask her directly If I could be with one of her daughters but I did not notice anything different during those 2 times either. Mind you Ive only been meditating for a little over a month so Im not sure if thats why or perhaps theres another reason why I haven’t noticed anything. Still hopeful and want to continue with my research into her and her daughters but not sure what to do now other than to try evoking Lilith again. Thoughts?