Some adult fun


Is it a good combo if you have a picture, write name and DOB on the back of it.

a sigil for instance Stiri or Ladilok (obviously to have some fun for a bit)

And a red candle.

And some of my blood and sperm.

So I’m thinking. draw sigil. activate by tracing over with my blood. add picture with info of target onto the sigil. put my sperm on the picture and then do candle magick. burn the whole thing to release the energy.

Just want to have a bit of fun before I leave the area.


I understand that stacking will make it manifest quicker

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Why is everyone so quick with the blood? Not every spirit wants it or accepts it.

For a lust spell, at least sperm makes sense though,

Why not just open the sigil and have a talk with the spirits?


I’d love to but I can’t hear them yet
I only say about blood because it’s the top sacrifice and I know stacking helps

what would you suggest???

My suggestion is to write down a list of questions, get into trance and open the sigil, and then ask your questions, making sure you write down the answers you hear. This is a very useful exercise to learn to hear spirits and how to differentiate the spirit’s voice from your own internal voice.

Tracing over a spirit sigil in your blood won’t do anything to "activate it. You still have to open it.

You don’t want to burn a spirit sigil until the task you set is done. Doing so will close the connection and cut off the power from moving in your life. Usually, when a spirit sigil is opened to bring something to you, it is either hidden away where its power can move unhindered or it is carried on your person until the result manifests. For attracting a lover, I recommend carrying it with you.


Okay So

got home, sat on the bed and then began writing 5 questions and whilst writing question 1 "are you there?’ somehow instantly felt like I was in T/G sync and It was like someone pushed me there to talk.

I asked anyway and it felt like a 'yes, i knew you wanted to talk and I’ve been waiting

2nd. “can you help me with a woman of my choosing?”
" yes, this is what I’m famous for (giggle)"

3rd. “what would you like me to offer in return?”
after a while it felt like he wanted to take the sex energy from me whilst having sex with this woman.

4th. “how would you like me to do the ritual and ask?”
“you already are”

5th was “when do you want me to do the ritual” but I didn’t ask that because … well I was doing it lol.

So I asked some details I wanted to add with this and it felt like he said “show me”.

So I gazed at his sigil and played it in my mind. now the other thing is whilst doing this I was drifting in and out of consciousness. I dont know if it was because I was tired or its all part of this.

I came around and heard a “it is done”

I felt like I had to fold her picture in his sigil and then put it away.

I said “so it is done, thank you, thank you, thank you”

then dismissed him.

I then litterly fell asleep.

I’m still trying to work out if it’s me saying it to myself or what lol.


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