Solving unsolved cases?

Would you say with magick and the goetia it’s possible to solve unsolved cases like ones you’d find on the FBI site or your local sheriffs website. Seems a bit far fetched the thought of hearing some random person’s name and going “OH BAM THAT IS THE KILLER!” But I don’t know. Seems like that would be fun just an evocation and you figure out why the person went missing. Or why the person died or got sick or something.

There is one other thread on this but it looks more like a hypothetical question or idea (I have no idea). I have been thinking of potentially trying this with a database off the FBI website. Now would I report anything I find? I don’t know about that :joy: cause if I called a tip hotline and just said “ah yes I don’t know Julie I just know her name and I know she was killed by so and so. Idk him either I just somehow know them” yeah​:joy: and the authenticity of the results like who’s to say I didn’t catch an imposter telling me some bullshit name or something so me giving the FBI potentially false information being illegal for one. For two that’s just wasting my freedom. My time and there time. But it would still be fun to try.

But also imagine if you did end up giving the FBI authentic information. You’d be kidnapped and pulled into some government owned warehouse with one dude in a ski mask wearing camo holding a hose in his hand over a nice comfy metal table you’ll lie on while he pours it over your face asking repeatedly “how do you know why all these people go missing” jk🤣

Not to mention that sweet reward money​:smirk::smirk: I’m joking again my greedy ass​:joy:

And even if I don’t report it (why would I unless I had some weird ass story made up on how I know them) it would still be a fun experiment to try cause hey the thought of helping someone out to that extent just seems like it would feel awesome

So yeah I wouldn’t report because that would start a chain of weird events. I get locked up for giving a false story on how I know them probably (false info) now they go ok he’s locked up but how did he know them. Now I’m getting questioned. Or they’d just throw me in a jail cell and forget me lol. Either way I’m not reporting it for that possibility but it still feels like it would be fun to try.(not reporting them missing but just evoking entities and tarot to investigate cases)

The FBI and other law enforcement agencies get calls from random people claiming to be psychics all the time. It wouldn’t be anything unusual to them. However, whether they would take anything you said seriously or not is another question entirely.

There are some agencies that do work with psychics, though they rarely, if ever, talk about it. I think the psychics must sign a non-disclosure agreement or something because most of the well known psychics always say they’ve “helped law enforcement” but they never actually name the agencies they’ve worked with.

The biggest thing, though, is verification. You can’t just call them up and say “Bob killed her” without first providing some information that the investigators already know so that they don’t just brush you off as another wacko. If you can tell them something that they have kept out of the media, for example, then they would pay close attention to what you have to say because you have proven that you know something no one but them and the killer do.

Except…you would have no way to prove if you were correct or not without reporting it. Sure, you could just gather information from supernatural sources, but then you wouldn’t have any way of checking if it was legitimate or just inflating your ego.


Then of course you immediately become a suspect. They will likely have to commit resources to ruling the person out as a suspect. But the suspicion will remain that either the person was an accessory, or that they have some knowing contact with the killer.
Either way, they will be recorded in intelligence notings on law enforcement data bases in a manner of concern that would impact their prospects if they ever apply for a position requiring any particular level of security clearance.

To the OP - the reality is that you would have no way of knowing if the information you generate is in any way accurate. You would be putting yourself in legal and reputational jeopardy and quite possibly get yourself added to certain databases in an adverse way - either as a potential offender or as a crank.

Unless you have a well established track record of consistently producing highly accurate information of this type, I would advise leaving the idea of going all Scooby gang alone.

I would offer a slightly different take on this. Its not so much that the agency works with psychics, when it happens, its usually that individuals in the agency work with psychics.
For example, an officer on an investigation may have had some experience with a psychic they’ve known outside of their duties (or may discretely reach out to a tv psychic) for their insight/opinion.
If that officer is sufficiently high in the chain of command of the team on that particular investigation, they can use this information to re-prioritise lines of enquiry (or to re examine a closed line of enquiry).
Usually these don’t pan out.

In my experience, I’ve only encountered one occasion in which information from members of the public claiming psychic information had much resource applied to examining their claims (outside of situation like those I described in the above paragraph). Without giving detail, it was a historic case in which all lines of enquiry were thoroughly exhausted.
The OC of the investigation directed that all information called in by suspected cranks over the couple of decades of the investigation had to be re-visited and assessed in the context of all information developed during the lifetime of the investigation.
This was thousands of contacts. Several hundred were people claiming to have psychic information.
Nothing at all panned out. The case remains open to this day.

I actually would like to do this with my Soul Travel work.