Solomonic Evocation I am confused

Hello Everyone , I have been fallowing the path of E.A, S.conneley and V.K J. For a long time I believe they are such a great people who share their knowledge with us.

And I read their books as well, correct me if I am wrong but as far as I understand they do not like the solomonic evacation because it disturbs demons.

But I met a friend a week ago and she kind of me confused me saying that nothing works but the solomonic evacation

What we do she says invacations and we never know what enters the room

So in that case I have been with working with duke amducias over 2 years and he helped me so many ways
He let me feel himselt, he was in my dreams etc
But that converstation made me think that if I had to see him in his real form?

Lilith showed himself in a shadow after I done the ritual of VK one night.

But that was it

I have a relationship with that duke and in order to see him I do not like ro force him by solomonic magic
Because in my astral tenple he shows himself

Does anyone here has arguing with someone sayig solomonic magic is the only way?

Why do they not ubderstand how we think…


If you read his earlier work, you would see that EA has actually practiced Solomonic evocation. His roots are as a ceremonial magician. He has changed his views over the years, as he’s grown in his practice, but at least his opinion is an informed one.

S, Connolly practices a religion that reveres the demonic. She’s a lot like a Christian, in that she thinks anything that her religion doesn’t agree with somehow “offends” the demons she worships.

Every practitioner thinks their way is the only way. It seems to be a thing with humans. When we join a religion, we think it’s the best religion, and everyone else should believe what we believe. When we follow a specific magical path, we think our path is the only “true” path.

Traditional magicians aren’t the only ones that make such claims though. Many “natural born” witches do too. They believe that if you’re not born a witch, you can’t be one or practice magick. It’s patently ridiculous, of course, and not proven out by experience, but that doesn’t seem to change their opinions.


How do yoou success to give always amazing answers
Thank you
It made me happy


Instead of arguing with your friend, just smile and nod lol

She’s free to believe that Solomon’s magick is the only magick that works, If your approach gets results for you, though, then, as they say, the proof is in the pudding :slight_smile:


@DarkestKnight pretty much beat me to it lol. So all I can give is some personal insight.

While I have not been at this for as long as others here, I have been around the block for quite awhile and have dipped my hand into various forms of magic, including multiple ways of doing the same thing, such as evocation. I have learned that any given system has things that can be of value as well as things that may not be.

For example, I don’t agree with some of the language used in Solomonic Evocation that includes threatening a spirit for not obeying me. It is not something I find necessary beyond banishment when push comes to shove. However, the idea of commanding a spirit is not necessarily bad, as it draws a boundary and makes the point that it is magic being done for your benefit ultimately. It also teaches the individual how not to be a doormat to spirits. Interestingly enough, there are demons out there who want to be commanded in ritual, mainly as a form of teaching. Commanding does not necessarily equal to being disrespectful, even if it feels uncomfortable at first. It is standing on equal ground with the spirit and showing your will to get things done.


What about your own experiences?

I mean what gives you the best results?

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Honestly, I do a combination of different things. I draw from my family’s folk magic where the spirit being called is treated with a drink or a treat upon coming in, much like I do with human guests. I take a bit of the ceremonial magic approach by being very firm on what I want from the spirit in question while also leaving some room for a negotiation of an offering when the task is done (as I do not work for free and do not expect anyone else to do what I won’t). Finally, if it is a spirit I have a deep respect with, I will eat a meal in the space with a portion set aside for them which comes from my experience working with experiences with reconstructive paganism. I am open to include more traditional aspects of ritual from the cultures the spirits come from as a tipping of the hat to the people who preserved the names of the spirits and their stories that once moved them if I feel it is appropriate in that time.

So, as you can see, I don’t have an answer of which is “better” in the nearly fourteen years I have been doing this in regards to calling and how to treat spirits. A majority of what I decide to do in ritual comes from not only past experiences but what my gut is telling me I should do. All I can honestly say is that every system has something of value within it worth looking at, whether or not one decides to use it. A lot of this involves finding your own way to meet the spirits at a point where you work together, if that is your goal.

I have gotten results from each of these approaches but I will say I feel more at home with a mixture of my family’s approach and ceremonial magic. In those moments I feel as the ritual is two kings coming together to achieve a common goal instead some past experiences where I felt I was piggybacking for the ride. I like to get involved in the work and do my part, as that does play a role in how I am walking away from the working.


I strongly agree with @Dralukmun and @DarkestKnight.

I started my practice with Solomonic ceremonial magick and over the years my opinions changed also. Now I perform a hybrid synthesis of the knowledge of the theory and practice of ceremonial magick.

Each magician is going to find methods and philosophies that work for them. When they do they typically feel that this is the “right” way to practice and others should do likewise.

Your experience with Amducias is exactly that, YOUR experience and it’s just as valid and has just as much meaning if not more than the next magician.

I asked Prince Orobas if he and the spirits were pleased with how I practice the Goetia. He said yes you are respectful but there is always room for improvement. I took that to mean I can always continue to learn from other magicians and grow and incorporate new practices and ideas into the way I do things.

That’s the beauty of our community here at Balg there is so much sharing of knowledge and methodology here.

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I will get the book thank you

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