Solomon talismans bought online

Online you can buys some ready made talismans. But i have a few questions.

  • Do I need to banish/clean all the energy in it when I buy it and put in my own?

  • Do the talismans have both angels and demon names on them?

  • If I bought a Fourth Pentacle of Mercuy talisman online, how would I know if it was made at the right time. (I assume there are better times and days to work with Mercury)
    If I need to do a banishing, if the producer of the talisman had made it at the correct time, would all that be lost.

Here is what I am trying to do:

I don’t want to make my own talisman, so I want to buy one. I just want to make sure I don’t mess everything up when I do.

  • possibly someone could recommend a store where they have their shit together

  • I consider myself an RHP guy, so I guess I would need to get it from someone who’s philosophy is compatible with mine.


Normally when you buy talismans and other occult things you either cleanse it and have it with your energy so it’s in a way “vibing” with you.

Times technically don’t matter, those moon cycles, times to do things, days, etc are only optional, not exactly mandatory.

Im with the same problem. Im planning to buy one online but i’m very doubtful.
Does anyone have a sure answer about this? I believe that the moment of fabrication is very important for the Talisman because it will “born” on the perfect day and hour with the perfect conditions syncing perfectly with the planetary energy…

Im thinking how to get around this situation. Maybe a strong purification on the right day, hour and conditions? With Planetary incense + Holy Water?

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If you want to go that route, could find an artist to have them custom made according to your wishes. Etsy, IG…etc are loaded with people who would make them.

U can get all Solomon sigils at Etsy. There is a deck of cards. Of Solomon planets for 50 bucks. U can use them cards as talisman