Solomon question about the 72 and Goetia

So I want to focus on summoning some entities for money power etc. which of the 72 I can gather? also, Do I really need a Magic circle,? I’m pretty new at this, and I will treat them how I would like to be treated, with respect. so do I really need a protection circle?

Thank you!

You should start with improving your fundamental skills before trying to evoke entities you aren’t ready to work with.


I do have some fundamentals forgot to mention, but I rather ask and get a correct answer instead of assuming. Thanks.

You need to find a system of evocation and learn it.

I recommend Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield. It is by far the easiest system for working with the Goetia for beginners.


Thank you I will look into it.

Right now I have 3 magical books of solomon.

You don’t need the Books of Solomon, what you need is to learn a working system.


I heard having this book at home can be good and bad, what are your thoughts?

What do you mean?

Sorry, having this book of Solomon.

The Books of Solomon are just books. There is no good or bad about them.


I guess I have to stop listening to reviews LOL, regardless I have been working with Bune for over 2 years now, great success and but I feel like working with other demons can be challenging ect.

And Thank you for this Book of Magick by gordon, extremely good read So far.

You’re welcome. It a good system, and very beginner friendly. It’s a nice way to get your feet wet before going directly into more traditional methods.

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Indeed thank you my spiritual brother

Best regards.

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Question, why is it not advised to summon a demon, possible to
call out the name of the demon and make contact, without any sigil or ritual?
although some people do not advised it ? why