Solar Ritual Powder : Recipe & Concoction For Your Solar Workings

Solar Ritual Powder : Recipe & Concoction For Any Of You’re Solar Workings, Magick And/Or Spells.

This ritual powder can be used in a variety of ways, added to oils, elixirs, into spells, around the temple of intensifying or creating the perfect solar environment to summon forth a solar entity/archetype. You name it the uses are pretty much limitless.

The ingredients are activated through simple energy work such as holding your hand over each ingredient, sensing its dormant energy. Then pulling that dormant energy into the self (specifically your solar plexus/manipura for this working) once done the energy will become active when inside the self and simply breathe that back into the ingredient keep doing this until the energy has reached its critical mass.

Now I use radionics in conjuction with the energy charging you haven’t got to but I’ll explain why I did it.
So essentially the radionics device will accumulate the energies from the symbols which will be in the later section, this will constantly intensify and aid in the energy charging of the powder. The longer you leave it of course the more energy will be pulled in, yet I would recommend no more than two days at the very most.

The symbols and such that we will be using are below.

The planetary square of the sun, the seal of the sun, the sigil of Sorath and the rune sowilo. Now you can change some of these around if you want but essentially I have experimented with a few solar symbols, gates and so forth and these have been the most intense and successful. You are however more than welcome to tailor this to your liking.

Activating The Square Of The Sun

Now there is no specific way of doing this but here is the method I choose, I take the square before me and meditate for a few minutes focusing on my solar plexus region/the manipura chakra. I begin vibrating various solar names such as these ones below.


Once vibrating these names visualising a solar energy enveloping you, feeling the heat within and around you intensifying. As you do this placing your middle and index fingers upon either side of the square with both hands and through breath and visualisation. Circumvent that solar energy charging the square and begin gazing/scrying into it like we would to open/activate a sigil. As you do this a simple statement of intent will suffice such as.

“I Open The Square Of The Sun, May The Light, The Heat, The Flares And Rays Of The Sun Issue Forth.
I Charge And Activate This Square, Be You The Portal Through Which The Solar Essence, Energy, Power And Spirit Shall Emanate From, I Open You Now, I Open You Now”.

Once done and the square starts opening before your three eyes, place it before you.

Activation Of The Solar Seal.

You can if you choose repeat the same above but essentially this should be done after the planetary square, once done simply push that solar energy you have invoked into it, charging it and focusing on the intention. As you do this simply begin gazing and opening it like another sigil and at that moment a simple intention like.

“I Open The Seal Of The Sun, From You May The Spirit, Essence, Power, Light And Energy Emanate. I Open The Chambers To The Sun And Its Many Layers, I Activate And Open You Now”.

Activation Of Soraths/Solar Entity Sigil.

Of course this one is simple gaze into it and you can vibrate the name of the entity, you can simply give a statement as “Sorath come” you can say a chant/enn associated to them or give a whole ass invocation like I did. It’s entirely up to you and if it’s a different solar being you have opted for then of course you’d tailor this part accordingly. Now gaze into it, giving the connjuration or statement, connecting to the intelligence and essence of the entity and focus on the intention of having this sigil as essentially “a spiritual charging dock” wherein anything placed ontop of it will be charged by that entities energy/light/power/spirit/essence, etc.

Activation Of The Rune Sowilo

Of course there are multiple perspectives and beliefs where working with the runes, I’m of the understanding all things possess spiritual properties which are dormant until activated and many great minds think alike. So we will be activating this too simply taking your middle and index finger, pushing the solar energy through those fingers and tracing the physical lines of the rune with solar fiery astral/energy lines and vibrating the name of the rune as a mantra, so to speak.

Once done gaze into it, just like activating a sigil and still vibrating the name of the rune then a statement of intention such as.

“Sowilo, Rune Of The Sun, I Activate You Now, I Employ Your Solar Power And Magick Upon This Day/Night, Awaken Sowilo, Awaken”.

Something as simple as that or once again tailor it to your own personal style.


  1. Frankincense
  2. Copal
  3. Marigold
  4. Cinnamon
  5. Juniper Berries
  6. Angelica
  7. Sunflower
  8. Citrine (Crushed Down Into A Fine Crystalline Powder)
  9. Gold Flakes
  10. Pestle & Mortar

I personally activate and charge each ingredient individually and place each ingredient on its own radionic plate. Yet we don’t need to be so precise with it, essentially once each item is vibrating with solar essence grind them all together in your pestle and mortar. Get it to the finest powder possible and once done I place the symbols together facedown on the plate of the radionics device, set the dials and tune into the right frequency.

Leave the concoction there to then charge, you can instead place the symbols under the open symbols/gateways and maybe burn some colour associated candles to the sun in a triangle shape. Meditating upon the energy flowing from each symbol uniquely charging the concoction.

Personally I then take the concoction, leave it outside in a container to charge in physical sunlight. Afterwards I place my hands over the concoctions and give a final statement of intention such as.

“By The Power Of The Sun, In The Name Of All The Solar Fiery Ones, Malevolent, Benevolent And Indifferent. I Consecrate This Solar Concoction Before Me Now, Filled With The Oil Of The Solar Lamp, Filled With The Sacrament Of The Golden Chalice. So I May Wield This Power In My Sorcerous Works, So It Shall Be, So It Is Done”.

I then personally add a droplet or two of my own blood to give it that little boost but that’s just me. Try it out, test it out and let me know how it works for you, solar blessings brothers and sisters.




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