Solar Opacity or Particle Magick *CONCEPT*

Finding genetic regeneration through a combination of techniques, I am laser-focused on my solar energies, I am in the process of making my attempts at the creation of my own, as well as a new type of healing altogether. Solar Opacity Particle Magick, which in theory will be my attempt to heal, and correct the genetic mutations, and health disorders that surround us, and cause so much misery.

What better way to heal all the genetic mutations, ancestral trauma, and in some cases ego. I can’t think of a better resource than using the Sun, for all kinds of possible new practices. My practice or goal with this creation is to manipulate DNA on a chemical level, the concept is getting passed ego, miasma, and implants with this amount of energy and it being opaque, to heal directly to the root of the particular issue, unknown if need be. Similar to the way we can use harmonic resonance to heal and correct our own DNA. Channeling solar energy much like a solar panel would for a powering home in a lot of ways, from the center of the sun. Think of it like how the pyramids work and might be the explanation of Osiris/Horus.

I have a feeling this idea alone will stem ideas and new practice, the greater central sun could also be used for this or infinite other techniques, seeing as it’s at the galactic center, and behind our sun. (Possible Magnification Concept) This will open doors to Solar Shade Magick, Teleportation, and more creation and experimentation in the present. If dimensional travel is accomplished thorough thought, this will be solid experimentation, and a great way to practice solar magick.

Side Note - Opacity as the concept is to be transparent to the ego, and negative aspects causing the issues, or nonbelief so that the healing can be accepted, and the light energy can eviscerate the problem. Sometimes ego and being convinced cause things to not go as planned, a manifestation of thought is something needed to be taken more seriously.

This is a concept that I have been gifted, any thoughts, or ideas to contribute would be awesome, or even expansion of this new idea. This is also a brief submission of the idea, I have much more specifics to the concept.


Bookmarking this so I can discourse later :blush:

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