Social Anxiety

Anyone know of a spirit that would help boost my confidence to allow me to socialize more. Because my social skills have been flattened like a pancake and now i am too nervous to speak to most people out in public.
Thanks to anyone for any kind of tip on this.
Love to all,
Katarina the Fantom Girl


If you want to go the demonic route, Belial is where it’s at for building confidence.

if you want a gentler touch, Aphrodite/Venus.


Hathor may also help.


King Paimon can help with ettiquette and confidence if memory serves.


Communication: Mercury spirit

Confidence: Sun spirits

Attractiveness: Venus spirits

Emotional protection: Mars Spirits

To make people feel comfortable around you: Moon spirits

Air of authority: Jupiter spirits

To keep away those who you feel threatened by: Saturn spirits


Personally I find Belial to be extremely helpful, but surprisingly gentle than you would think. Hes firm but gentle. Makes you really see things for what they are instead of over thinking. Hes great.


I have difficulty with demons. That being fear preventing me from taking the first step beyond research into practicing. I mean, come on. They’re demons. I read tons of articles about them and get excited about working with them, but chicken out due to fear of being wrong. So I say, if you’re like me, work with what you’re not scared of first before working with demons.


Your photo, combined with this, puts me in mind of something British author Paul McKenna wrote.

To summarise, he said people often lack confidence and fear both being seen, and when they do get seen, they fear being judged.

This is because many of us feel like a piece of shit, literally have a shitty self-image, so we do the equivalent of painting that piece of shit in glittery nail polish, only it’s always chipping and cracking off, and we’re scared people will see beneath it, and also, we know even when it fools people, it’s only glittery nail polish after all, so we’re always hiding or worried.

We may even feel a bit dubious about people who buy into the deception.

But we’re not the glittery fakeness nor, in fact, the piece of shit - we’re actually diamonds, something intrinsically worthwhile and of value.

Who are you really, beneath your glittery nail polish?

Who are you, when the masks are off?

Who would you be if you were completely alone on an island, with food, clean water, safe shelter, but you know there’s no chance of rescue for maybe 3 months?

You don’t have to answer on here, obviously, but make sure to leave the glittery nail polish alone. Metaphorically speaking, at least. :wink:


Thanks to everyone who responded.
I will take into mind everything you have all said.
But i have worked with Demons for a long time and trust them. In fact i have worked with Belial before. I think Belial could help me out with this.
Thanks again,


I fully understand what you mean @Lady_Eva.
Thank you. It makes a lot of sense.


i had the same issue as you.and i summoned up lucifer and he teached me how to kill your anxiety…