So you want to remember your dreams like a boss?

Happy dreaming !

Excellent! Thank you for sharing!

My pleasure, Bran !

This will be extremely useful to me, thank you so much!

I am starting this today! :slight_smile:

Wow, thanks for putting this together in such a structured way for us! I’m definitely adding this to my praxis, my dream recall is very patchy at times.

For me this comes quite naturally, at least usually i will remember several dreams every night … The problem is i don’t know how could i use the information they provide : d

Dreams for me are non existing, someone or something has taken complete power over them and since then it is like i don’t even dream…
I can’t remember a single dream.

I will try this!

Any advice for when it gets to be difficult discerning dreams from reality?

I feel that somehow that happens to me but during the day, when i phase out completely of what i am doing, it tends to happen, day dream…and…then i get flashes of what i Think! to be what i have dreamed last night or the last few days…

Can you elaborate ?

Can you elaborate ?[/quote]
The most recent example wasnt too dramatic, about a week ago I woke up early and checked my email before going back to bed, saw that EA uploaded a new video, and thought “thats cool, Ill watch that when I get back up”. A couple hours passes, I wake up, go to check it, and theres nothing there. No notification in my email, nothing new on youtube, so I just chalked it up to a dream.

It happens a lot where Ill have a memory of going the park with a friend or something, and having a conversation, then when I meet up with them later Ill bring up the previous conversation, and they’ll just look at me like Im crazy, say that they have no recollection of the conversation, and sometimes they even start accusing me of making things up. This has happened about 5 times in the last 2 months.