So, you want to do black magick, huh?

Well, don’t let me stop you, there’s all sorts of hedonistic Pleasures at your fingertips.

Do you want to see people that wronged you suffer horribly, do you want to laugh heartily as their entire lives collapse around them from supposed coincidences? The power is yours already, you just need to learn how to unlock it.

Do you want to have beautiful women flinging pussy at you almost Non-Stop, is there a specific chick that you’re trying to bag, do you want the hottest, studliest guy to be obsessed with you? Reach into the universe, grab a handful of power, and throw it at the problem.

Do you want money to just make its way to you, ensuring that you’ll never go hungry, do you want your music career to takeoff, do you want to be noticed by that Hollywood agent, black magic can assist with all of that.

Depending on what your goals are, however, if you don’t want anything more than material , you should stop right here.
Let the Demonic underlings manipulate the world events in order to bring the world’s Treasures to your fingertips, sit back, and relax as you live in a lap of luxury.

However, if your goals are not simply hedonistic, if your goals are more to the point of understanding the nature of the universe is, if you are attempting to see what the universes how to offer in the way of knowledge , if you even want to go all the way back to the beginning of all of the universes, well, that can be done, But be sure you’re ready for that.

Something that I’ve learned personally is that when you see a million universes be created and destroyed millions of times with quintillions upon quintillions of lives created and ended on a whim , it does something to you.

Some of us sink into a suicidal stupor, some of us become raging maniacs, and some of us lose all touch with reality.

Some of us will dive down that rabbit-hole, and just before hitting the very bottom, will reach out and grab that safety line called sanity, and we’ll use that line to climb back to the real world. Then, have you sit on the edge of the Abyss, grasping at what little sanity we managed to wrestle back with ourselves, we have to decide whether or not all of this is worth it.

I’ve seen women walk away from children, men walk away from wives, I’ve seen people quit well-paying careers, And I watched people stick gun Barrels in their mouth because they could not deal with what they experienced.

Once you seen dozens of your own incarnations either being born into mundane lives, living a mundane life, and dying a Monday and death, or, seeing yourself halfway born, feeling your feet being yanked out as you are pulled out of your own mother just in order to have your head smashed against a rock as some Arcane sacrifice to appease whatever God, it can really mess with your head.

Whenever you start learning how to tap into other people’s memories, consciously or unconsciously, and you live out the most horrible parts of their lives as they experienced it, dealing with somebody else’s PTSD as though it was your own Can be tons of fun. That is, if you count rocking in a corner trying to find ways to forget what didn’t happen to you as being fun.

But, if you managed to keep yourself together through all of these trials, you will approach something that many people have thought over the centuries and millennia, you are truly become exactly what the name of this site is. The knowledge to reach into the universe yourself and pluck the subtle threads the manipulate reality to cause certain effects to happen within your life.

In the book of Azazel, Azazel is quoted as stating: “This is a door that, once opened, can never be shut.”


I appreciate everything about this post! Thank you for sharing it!

That was a really good speech for first world snowflakes

“A man can never learn what divine power is while he abides in comfort and spacious living.”

  • St. Isaac the Syrian

Yeah, awakening memories of my past lives has certainly been a trial. Be careful, there is a reason some things are hidden in the dark.


I’m probably being a bit critical here but your epiphany turned into a longer version of common sense… initially you just sound as if you’re about to sell something. Yes we all want to do what we do, because we can. Many doors have opened for us, not that many are shut.


Reminds me of the phrase “you never know what you’ve got til its gone”.

Meant to reply to @Whitehowlite

This one deserves to be written in gold letters.

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Maybe become a living God should consider hiring me as a PR rep. Lol

That’s just how the words flowed out, I felt the need to post it, I posted it. I find that that’s generally the best course of action when it comes to working within the fields.

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Thankfully I’m well aware of the concept of what im getting into

why not do black magick? In order to know the light one have to learn of the darkness. Also, i’ve got nothing going on. So much disappointments from people you think is there for life. Other than eating good food. There isn’t really much except playing with magick fire. =o)

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Such a great post, I really enjoyed reading it. It hit home on a lot of levels and gave me something to think about.

Maybe its just because of my experiences but that DOES NOT sound like fun lmao.

Good warning though, luckily I have a strong and sound mind considering some of the shit I’ve seen and experienced. Undoing past life trauma is a trip.


Whoa ! Amazing insight and an eye opener. I am just thrilled just by reading your post. Your work is amazing and you definitely have walked paths that are not only difficult, but impossible. Hands down to you !!!

Superb post.

How can I go about doing just this…

It was meant as a sarcastic statement. It’s hard to catch inflection from written text.

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