So what just happened?!

A couple mornings ago…
It was cloudy, overcast, light rain, nothing real heavy, not cold out, but not too warm either. The whole atmosphere screamed light some candles and meditate. I, instead, decided to sit at my computer and do some more research on the Goetia, Necronomicon gatewalking, Lucifer, etc. The way the atmosphere was, the energy that morning, and everything, I just said f it, let me do something, tired of reading, lets practice something…(The day before, I did a real basic ritual, with a few candles, incense, and a hand drawn sigil of Lucifer and I just stared at the sigil and meditated on it for a few minutes, chanted his enn a few times and that was about it, wasnt sure what to expect, but I expected something. Nothing…)…so this time I said no candles and set up and all that, just come from the heart, lay back, feel the energy around me, and dive in. So I pulled up Lucifer’s sigil on my computer screen, had some deep dark ambient music from Cryo Chamber’s YouTube page playing in the background. That really got me in the mindset. So I started chanting Lucifer’s enn. Ten minutes go by, nothing, and I catch myself being a little nervous, and got a little angry at myself for being nervous. So I gathered myself and just let go. Laid back, closed my eyes, took a few good deeep breath as, and started chanting with my whole being, “REICH TASA UBERACA, BIASA ICAR LUCIFER”. On the last syllable, I carried the “R” out just a couple seconds longer. The INSTANT I finished it, my computer just shut down, screen went black, the electricity in my home went out, and in the background outside, I heard a loud pop, as if lightning struck a breaker box or something(about 45min later, a utility truck was down the street fixing something. Power on the street was out for two hours.) But the weather outside was not conducive for lightning, not even close, it was just a light steady easy rain. I snapped out of the meditative state I was in and f’n froze for a good two to three minutes, in awe and borderline disbelief, saying to myself, there’s no way that was a coincidence, no way. Can somebody tell me, wtf just happened!!! I dont know if I made contact or what, but to hell with belief, I am now thoroughly convinced that this power, these energies,deities, entities, we work with is real. Please, somebody tell me, what just happened…

Peace everyone

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I’d say your call was answered. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Was that the time to go into conversation or what? I didn’t physically feel anything other than the initial shock, and the atmosphere in the room didn’t change like I hear some people describe. Maybe each time you call, the response is different. Idk