So what is the difference between evoking and invoking?

I’m wondering what is the difference between those two actions or is it almost almost the same? I’m asking basic question before jumping into full rituals.

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They are not the same evoke means to bring before you. Invoke means to being within you. So to invoking is to ask for a possession. To evoke is to have them in front of you to do your working.


nd if i invoked, wil l i be able to hear them in my head crearly?, i mean hearing without psi sences?

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I wouldn’t invoke until you see/ hear or communicate in some way to make sure it is who you want is really who you are getting. Parasites are just wanting for a way to get I. If that makes sense. Invocation isn’t something to jump right into.

I would evoke first and leave energy, shifts in the room temperature, interface with a candle flame or incense some first. The work on communication. Working on your senses. Having sharp astral and physic senses are always good to have if you are going to use Magick/work with beings. I would also learn how to block and unblock yourself too. Also how to guard, ground and cleanse yourself.

I have a ton of if I knew then what I know now stories. I pissed off a being and ghost or two while Learning. I started way younger then anyone really should because wit always called to me and I have always been at some level physic.

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Oh i almost forgot abt them nd alot

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Also remember that there are parasites just waiting to latch on. Build your defenses and sense and then have a life time of not having to higher off on wanted things. There will also be time to invoke when you are ready.

Even evocation can bring parasites so I recommend doing your research and leaning traits of a being that seem to hold true with everyone that has ever worked with them. Though every experience is different. The being itself will have same traits that are always the same.

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In terms of Demonolatry I think they have it a weird way (correct me if im wrong) invocation is to call for assistance while evocation is to force against their will.

while most here tend to use what AngelB defined it as.

As has been said, traditionally, evocation is to call a spirit forth, and invocation is to call the spirit within.

However, in demonolatry, which is the religious worship of demons, they use the words differently. To a demonolator, invocation is inviting the spirit over for tea, and evocation is summoning the spirit by gunpoint.


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I jus learned some thing new form you and @Velenos is there much on this religion out there? You two have my theist for knowledge going now.


Read the work of S. Connolly. She is probably the most well known demonolator.

Her Complete Book of Demonolatry is your best bet.

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Thank you so much!! I shall add that to my book list.

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Pretty much this. You will find that the terms are used interchangeably in the older books. And by “older” I mean pre Golden Dawn era grimoires. The more precise modern terminology is more useful imo.