So, what do demons sound like to you?

I’m asking because I honestly can’t find anything online or when I search here. Whenever I’ve meditated and evoked demons or entities, if I ask a question I’ll typically hear a voice, somewhat like my own in the back of my head, closely follow the question with a reply.

I’ve always assumed this was the entity speaking to me in a manner I’m most familiar with—my own inner voice. But I’m curious about if the experience differs with anyone, or if this is how it usually works for you?


The only entity I can actually hear so far is Lucifer. His voice is male, but not male in a deep burly way. Generic wouldn’t be a good word either. It’s hard to explain, because I’ve heard it before so it’s familiar to me. The other entities I can hear by feeling if that makes sense.


They sound different. Just like people have different voices. Lucifer sounds male and soothing to me. Some sound like a hiss. Like a hard somewhat angry hisss although they aren’t necessarily angry at you. Some have a deep voice. Some a whisper. Often they won’t use a voice per se but i will just know, or sometimes even see the words like typed out in my mind. They are all individual and present themself different…


I get the same thing. Haven’t had any experiences hearing different voices yet… it all sounds like my own, but slightly different.


The one time i heard and had a conversation with one, in a half asleep state, the voice and personality behind it were completely different from my own, heck they even pronounced words bettee since I have a slight annoying accent that gets in the way, but they spoke clearly.


How I usually hear them is that I do not hear the them, but I hear them loud and clear if that makes sense. I know exactly what they are saying. It is more of a feel or sense. Sometimes, I will hear a voice but usually the words or them speaking is just there. It’s kind of hard to explain, but as your senses develop, you’ll see what I mean.

Another way they can communicate is through songs or song lyrics. I may be thinking about something and a random song or lyric will pop into my head, which turns out to not be so random after all. It answers or has something to do with my thought or question or what have you. This happens a lot with me.


I know exactly what you mean about not hearing but hearing loud and clear at the same time. But you feel like people who haven’t experienced it would just think you’re nuts. Because it sounds nuts when you try to explain it!

And the songs are like, there is no doubt it came from them because they tell you, their aura is just there and you KNOW or the song will be something you’ve never played before(so it should nkt be in gour line-up) and it just played by itself, along with the KNOWING and hearing Hey. It’s from me I’ve had it, where the song said my question, my words EXACTLY and was the female part, and then the male part was his answer. How much more clear can you possibly get? Lol! It made me feel so much better too.


I don’t know if you’ve ever been possessed before… but when I was possessed and the demon would take control, it would use my mouth to say things to other people (he mainly just cussed people out), and then gave me back consciousness and control. A few seconds after it was like I was hearing some voice echoing in my head. I knew I had just heard someone talking, but I didn’t know who it was. Until I would focus hard enough to remember and then I realized who’s voice it was and what they said. In this instance it was me remembering hearing myself, but sometimes when demons speak audibly it’s similar. It’s like you just heard them say something…you know you just heard a voice speaking, but for that moment you (or I guess since I’m speaking from my experiences) were unconscious until it hits you and you suddenly realize what they said. Wow I hope that made sense haha.
Other times it sounds like whispers, but right before they speak for me there’s always been a ringing and a TV static sound.
But most of the time it’s usually how other people have described it. You just know. Not an assumption… you just know.


I get the impression, they don’t actually HAVE voices in the conventional sense, when invoking, I’m usually getting full sensory input, images, sounds, impressions, notions, and concepts. A wise friend of mine once said:
“beware the limitations of word based thought.”

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Well they don’t have voices in a conventional sense. You are right. But everything even our conventional voices, is based in vibration. As such if they can manipulate the air they can make us hear them. Iused to live in a hotel. It was like the Shining hotel and I was the cleaning lady. That place was off the HOOK with spirits.

One time, after a fresh snowfall, outside back by the pool it was so quiet. You know how it is, that hush after a snowstorm. Everything glistening fresh and sparkly white. Well. I’d gone out to go to my car and about 15 yards from the pool i was stopped in my tracks by the sounds of children playing and splashing in a now empty pool. I clearly heard the sound of glasses as they dinged together as invisible guests toasted, and laughed and conversed back and forth saying things i could hear but not fully make out. I turned and went back inside.

Another instance i was returning to my quarters on the 3rd floor, bound and determined to ignore anything i might see as I walked the halls and stairs going to my room. I was almost to my door, now feeling confident and victorious that I’d “done it!” when as I reached for the doorknob i heard the blood chilling sound of my name being called from somewhere in the empty dim hall. No guests stayed on that floor and I was the only employee to stay there.

The voice was a deep male voice, raspy, airy if that makes sense, and terrifying. I could deal with seeing them and hearing them daily, but the fact that he KNEW I was trying to ignore them and get through the gauntlet unintimidated, and he went to that length to make SURE I knew he knew and would not LET me ignore them was too much! And accompanied by the sound of that very audible voice. I slept with the lights on even though i knew it would not keep them out and quit that job soon after. I was 17 at the time and this girl was not ready for that level of bullshittery!!

Each one sounds different.

King Paimon has a low “vibrating” voice. I believe Azazel sounds like a tenor. Deep voice.

Lucifer’s voice to me sounds commanding and booming.

Belial to me has a lower voice almost baritone. Also a smooth voice. Like velvet.