So remind me how we handle this

What is it we do, when we find the one working against us lives in our home?

Roommates are always sketchy deals aren’t they? Long story short, I’ve known she was attempting to poke holes in my relationship from pretty much day one. After a pretty amazing fight between me and my guy (nope not sure we are going to work it out)-

She bragged, admitted- then told me I was being a pain in the ass by not accepting what she chose for me. She covered how she was older and more experienced at least six times. She continued to tell me they my life was not my choice it was hers, and that he is not the one so get over it. I’m not leaving yet because she needs me, so sorry get over it and get in gear.

So I sat back, processed. Expressed she was making me unhappy and ultimately, decided I was the bigger bitch, no one touches what I claim is mine, doesn’t matter if it’s my loving roommate who would take a hit for me or not.

So what I’ve done so far (she’s working 12 hour days, this works to my advantage)
-floor wash
-mirror box
-legbas veve I’d protection has been placed on just about every surface we have in the home with a portion of the floor wash brew I sat aside for this. I’ve also taken a sharpie and inscribed it in many inconspicuous places
-cleansing ritual bath for myself
-witches bottles
-domination jar

Plans still pending or considering
-freezer spell (idk if I should bother, she’s found three no matter how well hidden against my ex husband and defrosted then to date )
-pushing “al” over the edge of crazy town ( roommate begged me to pull off her a month ago because she has a son)

I can perceive many annoyances and circumstances that can be manipulated , and expect I will touch many things in that aspect- her job, money she owes me.

So what am I missing?

Side note, her daughter who is cross country is an empath/bit witchy as well. I’ve heard once again about how I’m needed to replace the daughter for now.

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ever tried talking and communicating that both of you have their own lives? no one is to interfere with each other’s lives. live and let live? your life is none of her business and vice versa. your life is yours alone and no one decides that for you as your living it not her.

Yep. Sure did. Appreciate that but covered that with her within the last two months when I was pretty sure she was attempting to interfere.

Now she admits she has been, she has since august off and on according to her, and now that she’s won- she’s bragging and proud and telling me to get it together because she’s in charge and older and wiser and more experienced.

I’m not exactly sure why you think reasoning with her is an option. It is not as if I didn’t try that once again last night. Like I said. I let her know I didn’t care he wasn’t the one for me, she was clear and I’m just bitch enough that when she refused to reason last night I let her think she can run the show to her face, but no one touches what’s mine, brags about it, refuses to talk about it then gets away with it.

Thanks for your input.

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in that case. give her warning to buzz off otherwise hell will break lose on her ass to not respect your wishes. tell her, is it worth messing with me to suffer for the rest of her life? some people need a beating after many attempt to get message across being ignored. tell her u had your chance. i’ve reach out many times. game over for u. mhwa mhwa mhwa.

Thank you but once again, I see no need to warn anyone who can brag to my face less than three feet away from-across my kitchen table and inform me that I need to get with her program. If she didn’t pick up on she needed to get it together from expressing that it was my life and my choices, and rather would inform me that she’s got twenty years more experience in this than me, than I see no need to threaten or warn or allow her to further gain ground by knowing I’m coming.

No offense meant. I simply operate on my own parameters.

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it’s called respect to let her know since she’s living there. braggers often get scared to stop when you show them u mean business. they all talk no bite.

I’m afraid respect was lost when she bragged to me about how she was in charge of every aspect of my life, that my break up was her fault, and that I wasn’t leaving her by any choice of mine while she still needed to me heal her.

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stop all the helping and leave her to rot. do no interaction unless needed. silent treatment etc… make her a ghost since she likes attention.

I do believe that would be my intention after regaining control and expressing that she’s fckd with the wrong bitch. :slight_smile:

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Honestly, regardless if she cares about you or not I would get out of that situation personally. It doesn’t sound like a healthy environment for both parties.

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:roll_eyes: you can refuse to help her! Get away! Or! Find what would piss her off like you going out of her control! Also are you sure she doesn’t have a thing for you? Crushing on you maybe? I mean she’s getting involved with your relationships… idk just a thought…

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Ok most have said this already but this this is not healthy for you people who try to control you aren’t meant to be in your life if you want an extra kick honestly I’d call on an entity and have them do some damage cause well I’m like that I’m to nice to kick some one out but I’ll make damn sure you will leave on your own out of fear and for sure feel the power of my wrath…(clears throat) sorry anyway it’s up to you but letting her walk on you like this won’t help she feels as though you are weak and can do as she pleases but I would show her what her place is if I were you

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I agree with everyone who said this isn’t healthy. I get that. I’m working on plans to disappear so to speak as well. I don’t get paid till the third however and now that I’m single I can’t summon up my boyfriends truck to make it happen any sooner.

I agree, she thinks I’m weak and she is in control. I let her continue to think that last night, and will until it hits her that …oh Fck, I pissed with the wrong person.

Honestly I doubt into me. We’ve lived together almost a year, she’s had a Fck buddy about half of that time and she is twenty years older than me. You never know however so something to keep at the back of mind.


You got this and no you aren’t weak never let some one else pull strings to your life when your ready let her have what she deserves

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