So my very first ritual of Orobas and Bune

Sooo I made a post a few days ago about who to call orobas has been stomping on my mind(not literally) all day so I called him (I didn’t have orange candles like where the heck do you get orange candles) he was not at all how I expected but he was very. Very kind and warm

He came to me in a suit of armor all black armor actually and had a voice like some one I’ve never heard…I believe he accepted my offer I ask him to make the smoke of the incent to touch my hand and face and he did it made me smile then he said he would take his leave I vowed and then I felt his presence vanish

I called mistress bune right after I felt her right away hot breeze then a chilled cold one…she was very quiet her voice was small and she kept her face covered in a white Vail idk why but she was sweet I asked her if she would accept my offer I believe she agreed I asked her if she could put out my blue candle she didn’t instead she made my bunny jump up from his sleep which is weird but that proves she was with me

I. Can’t wait to see the progress all in all my animals were all acting weird while this was happening I have none guinea pigs and a rabbit in the room I was in they were extremely loud and chatty and watching me on two feet not a normal thing for any of them guinea pig wise my rabbit fell asleep after I called bune idk just a nice little ramble

Side note my energy level is weird normally I’d want to sleep right after calling since it was more then one but I’m fully awake it’s like 140am right now and I can’t seem to get my brain to sleep is this normal?


Dutchess Bune was the very first demon of the Goetia that I summoned, and Orobas was the second. The energy that Bune brought with her was indeed lovely, gentle and very calming for me, perfect for a “first timer”! As for Orobas, his vibe was great as well, enlightening for sure.

Looking back at my notes, after I summoned Dutchess Bune I was unable to “wind down” or go to sleep at all. Now Orobas, my first experience with him contained sooo much visualization and interaction that I was absolutely exhausted after the ritual. I immediately went to bed and slept for like 10 hrs…which is a lot of sleep for me. Hope sharing my experience helps!


It does I was unable to sleep last night but now I am unable to get up lol I think I’ve woken up and fallen back asleep over thirty times so far wow I am so astoundes

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