So my friend needs help with white magick

Ok so my friend, let’s call her tia, is wanting to learn white magick and I don’t know how to help since I study black magick. What should she start with?

Welcome @Starlillie170. I see you joined us Feb 4 but have not yet introduced yourself, even after being prompted to do so after your first post. Please go to the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and do so. Tell us a bit about yourself and your magical experience. it is a rule of this forum and not optional.

As for your friend, tell her to look into the books by the Gallery of Magick.

Light work and visualisation. Divinity, angel contact, ancestral guidance (don’t be fooled tho). Visualisation should revolve around aura cleansing and gold/white light radiance. The best healer around is faith.