So much love for BALG

I have had this sudden urge to create a thread to display and explain my love, adoration, and appreciation for BALG!

When first stumbling upon the LHP ( I am sure many others may be able to attest to this ) I had no idea if what I was doing was morally right or wrong. Not a misconception for duality, more so a moral obligation to make sure that I’m adhering properly to what I feel is correct to my own practice and what may be shared to those in the community. In short, listening to instinct.

It’s from every single one of you and the individuals who created this platform, for those of us who are searching for some kind of connection, answers, understanding or simply exploring. Have provided a common ground to question.

There is nowhere else, in my opinion, were individuals who are not Yahweh believers or people of a particular cloth, who can come together and share ones beliefs without ridicule or fear of harassment.

This is one particular place were every individual of every walk of life, all types of beliefs and opinions can come and share; without fear.

I beseech every single one of you who spared your precious time reading this post; to share, explain or just simply rant of anything and everything that you fear to share to anyone else. ( whether it be publicly, if you would like to PM me, or simply keep it to yourself; we all need an ear to listen and a shoulder to lean on, honestly )

This is a lot I realize, but these exact words crossed through my mind when I first came across BALG. I cannot speak for anyone other than myself, when I made my first post there was so much fear and hesitation. Though having had pushed through that, this platform and everyone in the community has helped me personally become a better practitioner, a better person, and help me be more aware of my actions.

Allow me the opportunity to provide just one more place for like minds, radical thinkers, the naturally curious and anything else.

I love BALG!


I’m fairly new here as well, place is full of great resources, information, there’s a few small downsides, but for the absolute most part, play seems to be a pretty good fit for me.


If I may pry would you mind elaborating if not absolutely understandable!

Regardless I am so truly grateful for your comment and for you taking the time!

Also it is so great to read and to know that this platform is providing something of worth to you, thank you so much for sharing!

I’m not going to elaborate, I’ve seen a few things that made me raise my eyebrow, but everybody has to have their own journey, and I’m not going to besmirch a group that I barely just joined.


TRUTH!!! :laughing::laughing::laughing:

I am grateful for the information that you provided and can say honestly I too have had the same thoughts and concerns. As well as the same conclusion.

This forum helps to compartmentalize the world. The difference is this has a lot less evasiveness than actual reality Lmfao!!!

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I have found that I feel at home here, & while I’ve met only one person who was abrasive to me not naming names or how, I recognize that it’s easy to be misunderstood & to misunderstand others… As well as my own faults in our interaction (at least before I provided closer & resolution for the two of us). I wish the best for this person & hope their anger is resolved…I hope that for everyone, here, “there”,everywhere. If we can be a world of less angry people then I think we will have come together to find a lot of solutions to our common & individual ailments.

Other than that, my experience here has been very positive & insightful. It’s nice to see a safe place for the weirdest of the weird to come & form an election of practice, experience, paths, personalities & minds in a meaningful & constructive manner.

My only criticism has to do with the thought that I’ve seen in a lot of people interested in the occult, & not so much with anyone here. Too many people expect to fix & achieve everything with magic, without expecting to have to do any of the work themselves. And, there is a lot of immaturity of character in these sort of people… So their approach to life is their approach to magic & the occult. That said, I’m a bit immature myself.

But, I recognize that there are certain things that can’t be achieved by any other means other than by magic. That said, we all have to ask ourselves, “is it really worth it” and/or “is there a better way”.

I’m not saying for people to not be bold & committed to their practice, but just to… I don’t know… Think it over a bit more. This is what my spirit guide reminds me if, & what I tell myself (having been told this by many trusted persons if council over the years). I have had a habit of jumping head first into things without really doing the research & thinking it over. I rarely do that now, & I kick myself everytime I catch myself falling into that old reckless pattern. I just don’t want anyone here, including myself to destroy themselves & the good things in their lives for something cheap & inferior to the treasures they failed to see before. I, again, include myself in this.

There are some radical practices in the left hand path, for certain: it’s not for the timid or foolish, for certain.

I personally only decided to follow the left hand path, after events & elements (of a supernatural nature) which have been occuring the majority of my life were happening with or without me & often to me. That said, I resided to not be a victim of them, but to become well armed & equipped to handle them & make peace where peace could be made.

That & my own gifts aren’t going anywhere, so I figured “why not learn some control & make them work for me & not against me”. This will require some personal growth & shifting of perspectives… And already, some have started to turn for a more peaceful life.

But… All in all… I wish everyone here happiness, lasting joy ( especially as they work through their suffering), & health (mental, physical, emotional, financial, spiritual and social).

Love for all you lovelies :kiss: ~ Bellamy



I want to quote so much of what you said!! Buuuuut I will refrain, to a point…

Simply, yes!


This has so much truth and worth!!

Yes, absolutely yes!!!

I feel many overlook this including myself!

The human condition, also often overlooked. Completely relate! The rest of this paragraph is so necessary!

When you continue to explain about your choices the circumstances and that of maintaining sustaining peace, I cannot express to you enough how grateful that I am that you shared this to the community and for me personally I take to heart what you say and am grateful for your experiences.

What you have shared is not only beautiful but so honest. You provided a semblance of foundation, discipline and consistency. Thank you truly!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you… Your words & adoration mean much to me (“perhaps too much?” :confused: ~ says the Buddhist Teacher in my head).

But I have my moments that I just want to spit nails… right into people’s eyes… But, I see moments like these as perfect gifts to truly practice.

Your words also seem very well thought out & collected. Thank you for the topic & chance to share. :blush: :heart::v:

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Fuck yeeeesss!!! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

We are human and allowed to feel deeply!! I believe that what you say is fantastic because the world is in a constant state of achieving balance. We cannot have the light without the darkness.

So much :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:



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:joy::joy::joy::joy: I’m seriously addicted to the show Ancient Aliens. They make some very good arguments and theories.

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Watched one of E.A. Koetting’s recent videos. I find his videos to be quite useful. That and what he provides, there’s nothing else like it out there… yet.

Much love for BALG and Koetting!

I can’t say I relate to it like most of you, online forums to me are always temporary stops. Never a place to set up and see it as a home. However, this place does have some interesting characters who are pretty chill, but I’d never make an online forum my home and always acknowledge this place as temporary.

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Interesting! Thank you for sharing. I’ve never thought of it like that. But then again I see everything as temporary and every where is home, that is where you are is your ‘home’ for the time being. Until the time to move on arises.

I’m curious though and if I may ask, what prompted you to want to post this? Specifically about emphasizing the online aspect and it being temporary; in what way?

In what way, meaning your interpretation of temporary. Because my first impression reading that was “well yeah, nothing last forever and everything has an expiration date”. All things die and decay and the cycle begins again. I’m interested to know your reasoning, if I may?

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As a temporary learning stop and I don’t know I’ve just been seeing a lot of discussions like this lately mostly on discord though. Then I use to run websites and after a while remove them after they served their purpose to avoid people gaining rooted attachment so this post made me think of that.

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Again interesting! May I ask, whats wrong with a rooted attachment? Especially when it can serve multiple purposes for however long it’s wanted?

I understand what you’re saying and the idea is so new to me. Control of an already controlled environment, executing a task; once completed no longer has use. It reminds of a snake shedding its skin. Just another way to gain the same thing, insight. But, for the purpose of online sources, I see it as its temporarily permanent and is like the snake for a reason.

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Well rooted attachment to a server or forum can very quickly turn toxic when it’s time to leave to further develop. A place gets you so far before it’s time to move on or even take a break from it so you can focus more on yourself. Some put all their time into the attachment then themselves, not everyone but some.

However, yes that’s pretty much it, progress sometimes leads to removing the old even if it’s a forum or a physical thing.

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Damn… lol that’s great! So true and also not always remembered. Though if I may add a block to this thought palace lol Yes, things must be renewed, recycled, replenished, etc. and somethings never come to be again, serving only a singular purpose for a singular time.

But, there can also be places that you leave, come back to, leave again. Places that are pins in map. Not ‘home’ per-say, though like a home in that it helps one to grow in some or many ways. I agree nothing is permanent. Though you can go back to once visited places if one wishes. If a source can prove useful over a period of time then it’s up to that person to how they use or abuse it. Let us not forget to take into account the behavior of others. Everyone has a different level of addictive traits.

Self control, knowing when to step away and making yourself do so. That’s not easy to learn and live, but possible. If one has to delete or abandon a source or site because of their inability to manage their desires, well then that can be a stepping stone to help resolve that issue; like you said, temporary. To provide an added thought, in the end it’s up to the person using these sources how they intend to use them. They can be going or temporary. They can be useful or harmful, but it’s simply a tool with the discretion of the welder behind it.

Thank you so much for contributing btw much appreciated @anon48079295

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I wasn’t sure where to post this but this looked good. I received my book and some gifts. I want to thank Timothy, Lady Eva, BALG (in general), EA, Asenath Mason, shipping, Lucifer, Lilith, Samael, and a whole host of others for their support, work, and just everything in general. This was really awesome and the wait made it worth it in many ways. I know I was getting a little heated initially but after Lady Eva told me she informed Timothy of the issue I felt better just because of that personal caring. I’m not saying the help center wasn’t caring it just for some reason my order got … “odd.” Perhaps it was planned by the current I’m working with. And in that case I adore them all the more. So, instead of pushing me away this experience has drawn me closer and showed me and others (I hope) that this community not only cares but puts action and motion towards that community. So yes, BALG does care for those that buy their wares and those wares are AWESOME! I can’t give enough thumbs up (I guess I could use my toes) or stars for how satisfied I am.


ah the pics.

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Lordy, they’re upside down. Phone to computer was upright. I’ll fix that.